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Quanah Parker District Highlights- October 2013

Posted in Quanah Parker by goldenspread on Tuesday, October 1, 2013


District Chairperson– Steve Walthour- (806)935-6401 (work)

District Commissioner– Gemma Mitchell- (806)282-8296(cell)

District Executive– Chase Roach- (806) 341-4491 (cell)

October  Calendar:

3rd -District Committee Meeting – 6:30PM

3rd -ROUNDTABLE Meeting – 7:00PM

Location: Scout Service Center @ 401 Tascosa Road Amarillo, TX.

Quanah Parker District Committee & Roundtable

The new school year is upon us and it’s time for lots of great meetings in Quanah Parker Units and also District Committee and Roundtable. Thanks to everyone that helped and attended all of the meetings last year. All participants left with lots of great ideas to spawn into action. The number one thing to remember as a Volunteer Scout Leader—Kids vote with their feet… If they are enjoying a great program they will be more active. If attendance drops it’s important to re-evaluate your program. Kids want to have fun and advance in rank.

See you at Roundtable and lets have a GREAT year!


All Popcorn orders are due on October 25th. Remember to have fun at weekly meetings, and give out awards for Scouts who have really done a great job that week moving Popcorn. Don’t forget to send in copies of Scouts who fill a sheet. We are still doing the weekly drawings for the $100 Gift Card. There are lots of great incentives to having money for Units. More Money=More Program=More Fun=More Active Scouts!!

See you at Roundtable~

Chase Roach – QP District Executive

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