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Adobe Walls District Highlights- October 2013

Posted in Adobe Walls by goldenspread on Tuesday, October 1, 2013


District Chairperson– Richard Carter-

District Commissioner– David Myers –

District Executive– Eric Byrne-

October Calendar:

October 10 – 25 Popcorn orders due council office

Popcorn 2013

October is upon us and the order deadline will be here soon enough.  Check on your boys sales.  Are they going door to door?  Is everyone filling up a sheet…or two?  Challenge then to success.  Let’s drive those popcorn sales so we can do lots of fun activities within your units.

Monthly Newsletter Submissions

As you may know, each month we put out a newsletter to help keep everyone informed of the happening around the Adobe Walls District.  If anyone wishes to have something put in this newsletter please email me.  The entry needs to be a paragraph and the content needs to be scouting related and info you want to get to Adobe Walls readers.  I must have your submission 10 days prior to the beginning of the month.

Fall Recruitments

Well, the 2013 Fall Recruitment in our district is almost over. Please be sure to do two things as soon as possible. 1) Make sure all new recruits parents are contacted a.s.a.p.!  2) Have a meeting and a fun activity as soon as you can plan it.  This will insure that all members remain informed and have a great time as they are expecting. Let’s all work together and grow scouting this fall!

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