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Adobe Walls District Highlights- June 2013

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District Chairperson– Richard Carter-

District Commissioner– David Myers –

District Executive– Eric Byrne-

June Calendar:

June 6 – Schools out…for the summer!

June 15 – Fun In The Sun Camp at MK Brown

District Pinewood Derby

The district pinewood derby was a super fun success. We had racers from Pampa, Borger, Lefors, and White Deer.  We will be doing this again next year and hope to have racers (and outlaws) from ALL Adobe Walls units.  We will start planning this during district meetings so everyone is informed.  Stay tuned for more info and congrats to all the racers this year.

Fun in the Sun Camp

On Saturday, June 15 at Camp MK Brown we will have the 2013 Fun in the Sun Camp.  This year is a “Space” theme and looks to be exciting.  See the council website for details.

Final thoughts

Well, another year has passed.  I hope everyone has summer events planned.  Please remember that boys vote with their feet and we want to maintain the excitement for the boys throughout the summer.  Everyone please be safe and have a great summer.

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Golden Eagle District Highlights- June 2013

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District Chairman:                             Steven Denny   

District Commissioner                     Joy Kilian          

District Executive:                              Brian Lamirande

Program Preview

Has YOUR unit (pack/troop/crew/ship) registered for one of the upcoming Program Preview’s??

So WHAT is Program Preview??

ONLY the MOST important meeting of THE YEAR!! Of all the time we spend conducting Scouting, THIS is the ONE meeting YOU don’t want to miss. At this meeting Unit Leadership & Parents are guided through how to make YOUR Scout Unit the BEST it possibly can be. An all-inclusive agenda of topics are covered surrounding how to build the “Ideal Year of Scouting”.

We cover successful Fundraising and Money Earning Projects to ensure the Unit has ALL of the needed funds to ensure that every Scout has the opportunity to enjoy Scouting to the FULLEST!

Additionally we cover Fall Program options, camps and activities that our Scouts can participate in so that the pack has PLENTY of time to plan to attend these exciting and fun events!

Heavy emphasis is given to effective planning, budgeting and training so that YOUR Unit’s leadership is well Prepared for the upcoming year. As the motto of the Boy Scouts ring’s true, we want you to “Be Prepared” by attending this year’s 2013/14 Program Preview.

For the Amarillo area, the following dates are available:

July 27th  – 9:00am – Location TBD  –see for updates & registration

August 10th – 9:00am – Location TBD –see for updates & registration

Boy Scout Archery Contest– NEW

The 2nd annual Boy Scout Archery Competition is in the works….We are excited to expand this program opportunity this year to accommodate more shooters. Last year we filled the 30 allotted spots very quickly and saw a tremendous response to the event. There will be 50 openings this year competing in 2 separate divisions; Compound Division and Longbow Division. The event flyer is now available on the Golden Eagle District Webpage and more information will be coming as to when registration will begin.

Journey to Excellence – NEW

Want to know how your unit (pack, troop, team, crew, post or ship) compares to the Gold Standard?

Download this year’s Unit Scorecard found at…and find out.

We strive to provide our youth with the best possible Scouting experience, and the Journey to Excellence, or JTE program helps us to achieve that goal. The Journey to Excellence program outlined by the Boys Scouts of America, (replacing the “Quality Unit” program in 2010), helps to guide unit leaders by providing “roadmap” to a successful, quality Scouting program. Check out the scorecard that best represents your Scouting unit and keep track of your progress throughout the 2013 year.

Scorecards are submitted during the annual re-chartering process.


Golden Eagle District CommitteePositions Available

The Golden Eagle District is growing and need your help! We currently have the following positions available:

1) Marketing Chair (Newsletter, Facebook, Etc)

2) District Religious Emblems Coordinator

3) Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner

4) Unit Commissioners

If you would like to be considered for any of the above positions, have a recommendation, or would just like to get involved in a fun new way, please contact District Executive, Brian Lamirande at 806-220-9158 or

We welcome ALL suggestions and recommendations!

Roundtable – District Wide Meeting- Come one, Come ALL!

      Adult Leader Roundtable is an excellent opportunity to ensure that YOUR unit is represented and YOUR thoughts, ideas, comments and concerns are heard. This monthly meeting provides a platform for discussion, event planning, training, networking and idea sharing that EVERYONE will surely benefit from. We feature monthly Boy Scout cub Cub Scout -related topics & fun-filled activities in a warm & welcoming environment!

So bring all of your Pack and Troop adult leaders out to the Golden Eagle Monthly Roundtable & join in on the fun!  The meeting is at 7:00 pm on the first Thursday of the month, located in the St. Thomas the Apostle Church Fellowship Hall. Look forward to seeing you there!

Eagle Scout Project Reviews and Eagle Scout Boards of Reviews

Service Project Review – 3nd Thur. of the Month – 6:30 pm @ St. Luke Presbyterian Church, 3001 S. Bell

Eagle Rank Review – 4rd Thur. of the Month – 6:30 pm @ St. Luke Presbyterian Church, 3001 S. Bell

**District Meetings**

Cub Scout/Boy Scout Roundtable
1st Thursday of the Month – 7:00pm @ St. Thomas the Apostle Church, 4100 South Coulter

District Key-3 Meeting
2nd Thursday of the Month – 6:00pm @ Scout Service Center

District Committee Meeting
2nd Thursday of the Month – 6:30pm @ Scout Service Center

District Commissioner’s Meeting
2nd Thursday of the Month – 7:15pm @ Scout Service Center

Eagle Boards of Review
Service Project Review – 3nd Thur. of the Month – 6:30 pm @ St. Luke Presbyterian Church, 3001 S. Bell
Eagle Rank Review – 4rd Thur. of the Month – 6:30 pm @ St. Luke Presbyterian Church, 3001 S. Bell

**Please check the Golden Eagle District Website for Calendar Updates & Activities**


 Golden Eagle District Facebook Page!!\

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Lone Wolf District Highlights- June 2013

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District  Chairpman- James Hayes-

District Commissioner-Bob Post-

District Executive-Lindsay Waugh-

June Calendar:

13-Lone Wolf District Committee Meeting-7:00 p.m., First Christian Church, Perryton, TX

15-Dalhart Fun in the Sun-Sign in at 9:00 a.m. at Lake Rita Blanca Park

District News

Lake Fryer Cleanup

On May 18th, Lake Fryer saw its first Scout Lake Cleanup. Jim Lear did a great job putting it together. We had Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Venturing Crews from all over participate. Thanks for all you did guys, and I hope to see more of you out there camping and having fun with the rest of us! The homemade chili sure was great!

New Eagle Scout

Congratulations to Travis Brewer from Troop 163 in Guymon, OK, who just passed his Eagle Board of Review! He is another in a long line of Eagle Scouts from that Troop!

Dalhart Fun in the Sun Camp

The Dalhart Fun in the Sun Camp is coming up on June 15th, 2013! We are very much looking forward to the Fire Department coming back out and all of the fun, space themed activities we have planned! Come one, come all, and have the time of your life!


I often feel like there is a new experience out there waiting for everybody, whether it is trying new food, or, going skydiving. When I got my Boy’s Life Magazine this month, I was super excited to see Scouts barefoot skiing. Back in 2007 when I was just a camp counselor down at the YMCA camp at Lake Possum Kingdom, TX, I got to try barefoot skiing for the first time. Now, I know we are a bit limited in this area of the world due to not having a lot of water just lying around. But, given the chance, I think this is a great opportunity for Scouts. It’s a lot of fun, and, it is definitely different and a lot more challenging than waterskiing, slaloming, tubing, or wakeboarding. They even have speed barefoot skiing that requires special gear. You don’t even have to wear a life jacket to barefoot ski. Manufacturers produce a special flotation suit much like a wet suit that keeps you up and cuts down on drag. You may have to go over the surface of the water at 40 mph, but, it will definitely teach you to stand up! Also, for those of you who may not want to have to drive to find a place to do this, I don’t recommend using rollerblades and a truck for this. Bouncing off the tail end of a truck doesn’t strike me as pleasant!

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Quanah Parker District Highlights- June 2013

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District Chairperson– Tim White- (806)326.4105 (work)

District Commissioner– Steve Rodriguez- (806)231-3380(cell)

District Executive– Chase Roach- (806) 341-4491 (cell)

June Calendar:

Boy Scout Camp @ MK Brown

Cub Scout Day and Resident Camp @ Camp Don & @ MK Brown

Quanah Parker District Committee & Roundtable

May was a phenomenal Roundtable meeting with lots of conversations about fun summertime activities for packs and troops and Journey to Excellence. Tim White, our new District Chair, did an incredible job of running the meeting, and keeping everyone on track. Way to go, Tim!! Thanks to everyone that helped and attended. All participants left with lots of great ideas to spawn into action. The number one thing to remember as a Volunteer Scout Leader—Kids vote with their feet… If they are enjoying a great program they will be more active. If attendance drops it’s important to re-evaluate your program. Kids want to have fun and advance in rank.

Quanah Parker was a Gold Level JTE Performer last year, and we want to make sure we’re on track for a repeat!! Way to go Quanah Parker for setting some great standards last year. We are continuing to set records for activity attendance, and more excitement than ever is growing in QP for Scouting!! —the boys deserve it.

District Committee Meeting

*August 8th

*Location and Time TBA

District Roundtable Meeting

*Septemeber 5th

*Location and Time TBA

Quanah Parker District Fishing Derby

May 11th was the big day for the Quanah Parker Fishing Derby!! Check in was from 9:00AM-9:30AM. Hooks went in the water at 9:30AM, and everyone fished like crazy until 12:00PM.

We had 40 Scouts fishing, and lots of Adults helping out and having fun too!! Thanks to everyone that helped!! We had winners in every Cub Scout Rank, and thanks to Gander Mountain we had 5 really Great giveaways. We hot dogs and snacks for everyone at 12:00PM, and there was plenty to eat thanks to Joni Mickna!! It was an absolute blast!! I’m ready for next year!!

I wish everyone a great summer, and I’ll see everyone after Summer Camp!!

Chase Roach – QP District Executive

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Santa Fe District Highlights- June 2013

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District Chairperson– George Hall –

District Commissioner– Fred Leighton Sr. –

District Executive– Gaylyne Manns-


18 – Key 3 9:00 AM Memphis

Round Table will start back up in September in Shamrock and Memphis.  Dates will be announced.

The Purpose of the Roundtable

1. To provide the skill to do—skills, techniques, information, program ideas—the know-how that makes for successful unit operation.

2. To provide unit leadership with the will to do—the morale, enthusiasm, inspiration, and vision that periodically renew the desire to serve youth.

Save the Date

July 20th SF District “Fun in the Sun” Day Camp in Memphis, Texas here is the link for information,

New Youth

Have you got the new application for the Webelo that crossed over to your troop to the Council?

Are all you boys that come to your meetings filled out an application and turned in to the Council?

Happy summer, Happy Camping!

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Venturing District Highlights- June 2013

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District Chairman:          Jay Barrett:  806-326-2800 or

District Commissioner:    DeLynn McGehee:  806-681-1623 or

District Executive:           Shannon Scott: 806-358-6500 or

June Calendar: 

1st:  9:00 a.m.:  COPE:  Troop 202

13th:  9:00 a.m.:  COPE:  Crew 633

July Calendar:

No dates at this time

2013 Venturing District Awards Banquet

Congratulations to Taos A., Cordell S., Brandon F., Jamie L., Rayell A., and Jacob E. for earning their Bronze Awards!

Way to go Cordell S. and Taos A. on earning the Leadership Awards!

There were numerous other awards that were given out including the Messenger of Peace and the Leave no Trace Awards

Great Job Everyone!!

2013 V.O.A. Members

Emily P.:  Southern Region Area Vice President of Administration

Brandon F.:  President

Cordell S.:  Vice President of Administration

Jamie L.:  Vice President of Program

Taos A.:  Crew Guide

Rayell A.:  Secretary/ Treasurer

Do you know what COPE is all about?  Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience or C.O.P.E. is the challenge course (ropes course) program of the Boy Scouts of America. COPE is a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges facilitated by trained staff directed at enhancing personal growth. If you think you would like to know more, please contact Shannon Scott at 358-6500 or

Scholarship Opportunities

If you have questions about such opportunities, please contact Shannon Scott (Venturing Division) at the Scout Service Center 358-6500.

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Golden Spread Council Highlights- June 2013

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Camp Don Dining Hall  Blog 

As you all know, we have started the construction on the new Dining Hall.  To keep you abreast on what’s going on, we have created a “Blog” for you to visit periodically.  We will update you on construction and have pictures so you can see the progress being made.  Take a look at the blog today.

Blog Link

Injury Reporting 

Unit-level volunteers must report to the council any incident that requires treatment beyond Scout rendered first aid.  If, say, a cut finger or a twisted ankle is treated on site, no report is needed.  If a cut finger requires a visit to the doctor and stitches, the report must be submitted along with any relevent photographs, doctors’ forms etc.  The incident form is located at the link below or on our web site in the forms (safety) section.

Cub Scout “Fun in the Sun” Day Camp 

The Fun in the Sun Day Camp information is now available at the link below.  The July camps are open to register now!  These one day Saturday Camps are very popular and great value for the price.  All Scouts should experience camp and we hope you will consider one of many to attend this year.


Online Registration

Congratulations to members of Jamboree Crew F708- NEW

On  Memorial Day weekend, Jamboree Crew F708, went to Camp Sid Richardson.  They competed in the Area 2 Puzzle Race which was open all Southern Region Area 2 Venturing Scouts.  They competed in  events such as blacksmithing, snake identification, rope tying, and shooting sports events. The Crew excelled in the Shooting Sports areas and won the overall  competition!

Programs and Training NEW

If you haven’t visited the Council Home Page lately, you are missing out on tons of information!  We have many trainings and activities already listed for 2013 and here they are:


Fun in the Sun Day Camps

Cub Scout Resident Camps

Boy Scout Summer Camp

Council Home Page

Shooting Sports Weekend Camps – Camp Don Harrington  NEW

July 12-14  & August 2-4

Pistol* Rifle* Shotgun *Archery *Blackpowder

Information Flyer

Online Registration

2013-2014 Program Kickoff- NEW

The Council wide Program Kickoff’s are coming to a location near you!  Program Kickoff is the place to be if you want to get information on all upcoming Council and District Camps, Activities, Events, Trainings etc.  You will also learn about the Journey to Excellence Program that will help your unit be the best it can be.  Bring your key leaders and if a Boy Scout Troop, bring your Patrol Leader Council so they can also have a great learning experience.

The dates are July 27, and Aug 10 (Pampa will be on Aug 3).  Look for more info soon and to register online for this “MUST BE AT” event!

Scouting Research Panels NEW

The Research and Program Innovation Department invites members of the Scouting community to be part of our research panel.  Members will receive no more than 3-4 surveys per year regarding new programs or proposed changes to existing Scouting programs.  For more info, please click on the link below.

Research Panel

Have Your Scouts Share Their Photos for a Chance to Win Gear!-  NEW

Excited for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree in July?

You should be! It’s the first ever jamboree at the Summit. To celebrate, we’re looking for the best pictures from your archives of any awesome Scout gathering. If you’ve got old jambo shots, great. If not, dig up shots from other memorable events.

It’s simple to enter: Find a cool photo of your fave Scouting event, upload it here, or tag it #jambocountdown on Instagram or Twitter. For more information on how to enter, click here:  Please cut and paste in your browser!!!

Each week we’ll pick the winner and send select Scouting gear their way.

Good luck!

Shooting Clays Tournament NEW

August 23 and 24, 2013


It is hard to believe but it is now time to begin to finalize our plans for the Golden Spread Council’s Sporting Clays Classic Tournament and Auction.  This year’s tournament will be our eleventh Annual Sporting Clays Classic!  This year’s Classic will be held on Friday, August 23 and Saturday, August 24, and will again be held at beautiful Camp Don Harrington.  As you probably know, all proceeds from the tournament go towards supporting our local Boy Scout programs.

I’m very proud to say that our tournament has grown from 24 teams in 2003, to this year’s projected 75 teams and 300 shooters.  These teams will come from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado, all in support of our Scouts.

With this many teams and shooters, the Council is in need of 200-250 volunteers to help us run a fun and safe tournament. This letter is a request (a strong plea) to you and members of your troop, company or family to consider volunteering some time to help us during this year’s Sporting Clays Tournament.   

Volunteers are needed in lots of different areas and for various times during the duration of the event. Volunteers will be needed on both Friday, August 23 and on Saturday, August 24.  As a volunteer, you can help on one day or for both days.  Every volunteer will be fed lunch on Friday, have an opportunity to shoot 5o clays on Friday after the tournament participants leave at 4pm, and will be fed breakfast and lunch on Saturday. In addition to that, the first 150 volunteers to sign up will receive a commemorative t-shirt as recognition for their time and service.

Please call Verna at 806-358-6500 to sign up now!

2013 Popcorn Sale – NEW

It’s Time to sign up for the 2013 Golden Spread Council Trail’s End Popcorn Sale! Don’t miss out – Register Your Unit Today!    

This fall’s sale is going to be bigger and better than ever, with great new products and a totally different prize and incentive program. Many packs and troops in the Golden Spread Council use this as their only fundraiser for the year. This is a fun, fast, paced sale that not only provides funds for your unit’s program but also supports the Scouting programs and camps that you use in the Golden Spread Council.  Sign up today and be prepared to offer your Scouts “An Ideal Year of Scouting!”. Make sure your unit is signed up to get your share of the $200,000 that Golden Spread Council Scout Units will earn in popcorn sales commissions this year!

Here’s how to register for this year’s sale. 

To be sure that you don’t miss any of the information about the 2013 Trail’s End Popcorn sale, now is the time to let us know that your Pack, Troop Crew or Post wants to participate in the Very Best Scout Fundraiser. To sign your Scout Unit up, watch for more info soon!

2013 Eagle Scouts NEW

Last Name Unit Number
Bowling T-4
Gwyn T-4
Gwyn T-4
Earls T-98
Wihelm T-54
Fick T-142
Miracle T-97
McElwain T-79
Hughes T-404
Andis T-472
Robinson T-4
Christian T-17
Haaland T-46

Memorials and Tributes

From                                            for

Edward & Melba Boydston      Ronald Price

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