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Santa Fe District Highlights- April 2013

Posted in Santa Fe by goldenspread on Monday, April 1, 2013


District Chairperson– George Hall –

District Commissioner– Fred Leighton Sr. –

District Executive– Gaylyne Manns-


2 – Key 3 9:00 AM Memphis

11 – Round Table Shamrock 6:30 pm

Camp Cards

All of you have your camp cards now.  Make sure all your boys have them and sell..sell.. sell.. That is free easy money for your unit.  I’m interested in knowing how the sells are going keep me posted.


The Purpose of the Roundtable

1. To provide the skill to do—skills, techniques, information, program

ideas—the know-how that makes for successful unit operation.

2. To provide unit leadership with the will to do—the morale,

enthusiasm, inspiration, and vision that periodically renew the

desire to serve youth.

Commissioner Corner;

While spring arrives we are greeted with new growth and renewal – so does our

Scouting program. Just as you attend to your home and garden, apply this spring time

enthusiasm to your Scouting unit. Fresh off our unit charter renewals and reaching

goals of the Journey to Excellence program we are looking forward to planting the

seeds of growth of our units and enhancing them by performing general maintenance

and adjustments.

The commissioners in the district are here to help you with the planting. Call me and help

will be on the way.

Fred Leighton, District Commissioner

District Roundtables;

A night of fellowship, ongoing training and FUN, FUN, FUN is being planned.

Roundtables are going to be held every month. One month in Clarendon and one month in Shamrock. The first one will be held in Shamrock on Thursday, April 11th at 6:30 pm t the United Methodist Church, 500 N. Main Street. All Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders, committee members and parents are invited and encouraged to attend if you cannot come please send someone in your place, every unit should have at least 1 adult attend this exciting event.

Look forward to seeing all of you there!

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