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Golden Spread Council Highlights- March 2013

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Camp Don Dining Hall  Blog  NEW

As you all know, we have started the construction on the new Dining Hall.  To keep you abreast on what’s going on, we have created a “Blog” for you to visit periodically.  We will update you on construction and have pictures so you can see the progress being made.  Take a look at the blog today!

Blog Link

Injury Reporting 

Unit-level volunteers must report to the council any incident that requires treatment beyond Scout rendered first aid.  If, say, a cut finger or a twisted ankle is treated on site, no report is needed.  If a cut finger requires a visit to the doctor and stitches, the report must be submitted along with any relevent photographs, doctors’ forms etc.  The incident form is located at the link below or on our web site in the forms (safety) section.

Incident Form

2013 Scouting for Food 

Scouting for Food is a long time tradition in Scouting.  What a better way to help those in our community who are going through hard times.  Many of those who are hungary are CHILDREN and ELDERLY who must choose between medicine or food.  It’s a great opportunity to talk to your Scouts about this opportunity to participate in Scouting for Food scheduled for March 23.  This Council wide event is coordinated through your local DE unless you are in the Amarillo area.  Bags will be available to each unit who needs them.  For information, please see the link below.

Scouting for Food

Advancment Information  NEW

Located at the link below is some great advancemet info.  Check it out!

Advancement Info

2013 Pistol Shooting Opportunity 

New at Camp MK Brown Summer Camp will be a Pistol Pilot program.  Only 11 Councils across the entire Boy Scouts have been approved for this and we are one of them!  Come to Camp MK Brown this summer and if you are 13 years old or 8th grade, you can shoot our pistols!  Watch for more info and specific details soon!  Sign-up for Camp MK Brown now! See the link below.

Camp MK Brown Summer Camp

NYLT Staff 

Any interested Scout who would like information on being part of the 2013 NYLT Staff should contact Kimberly Anderson as soon as possible at for mor info. Youth applicants must be at least age 14 and completed the eighth grade, have held positions of leadership in the unit, have been an NYLT course participant and attended “Trainers Edge”. Trainers EDGE will be offered before the Course begins. See the link below!


Service Hour Reporting 

Every time your Scouts or Unit do a service project, the unit should enter the information into the Good Turn System.  Service projects can be cleaning up a local park, working at a community event, Food Drives, and Eagle Projects.  by entering this date, you will not only be doing something great for the community and being recognized for it but helping your District and Council with their JTE scores.

Good Turn Site

2013 Camp Card Kickoff  NEW

The Camp Card Kickoff’s are about to start.  This is where units will hear about the program and then receive their cards.  Selling starts as soon as you get the cards!  To ensure we have your cards at the correct location, each unit is strongly encouraged to register online at the link below.

Camp Card Kickoff

Programs and Training  NEW

If you haven’t visited the Council Home Page lately, you are missing out on tons of information!  We have many trainings and activities already listed for 2013 and here they are:


Camp Card Kickoff

Wilderness First Aid Course

Scouting for Food


Cub Scout Extravaganza

Belt Loop-O-Rama

Boy Scout Camporee

Adult Training Outdoor Leadership Skills for Scoutmasters and Webelos Leaders and Baloo (Coming soon)

Council Home Page

2013 Boy Scout Summer Camping 

The 2013 Camp MK Brown Leader’s Guide is available at the link below.  Now is the time to start your summer camp planning- where are you going (MKB should be your first choice!), how many Camp Cards do the Scouts need to sell to go for FREE, what adult leaders are available have they requested time off from their employer – these are just a few things you should be doing now to plan for just 4 short months from now!

Camp Leader’s Guide

Summer Camp Staff  NEW

We are searching for the best Boy Scouts and best venturing Scouts to be part of the BEST Camp Staff!  If you have a Scout who fits the mold of a staff member, please have them contact Scott or Chase at the Scout office today.  Hiring for the summer is about to begin.  Applications can be found at the link below.

Camp Staff Application

2012 Eagle Scout Statistic  NEW

The BSA has just announced that in 2012, 57.976 Scouts earned the rank of Eagle!

Newest Merit Badges — Coming Soon- NEW

Game Design

Confirmed launch date: March 6, 2013

Requirements: TBD

Description: Slated to include both traditional games and video games, this sure-to-be-popular merit badge will test Scouts’ creativity, computer skills, and planning abilities.


Estimated release: 2013 Jamboree

Note: This merit badge will be Eagle-required. Scouts must earn either this or Environmental Science.

Requirements: TBD

Description: A badge to teach Scouts to use resources responsibly.


Estimated release: 2013 Jamboree

Requirements: TBD

Description: A tech-focused merit badge for the 21st Century.

Digital Technology (will replace Computers)

Estimated release: 2013 (after Jamboree)

Requirements: TBD

Description: Technology has come a long way since Computers merit badge was first introduced in 1967. This badge, which replaces Computers, will teach Scouts about technology in the digital age.

mining-placeholderMining in Society

Launch: February 2014 at the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration’s Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City

Requirements: TBD

Description: Mining has been an important part of the United States since the 19th century. Today, the U.S. mining industry employes 3 million people, directly and indirectly, and is a major contributor to the global mining landscape. I expect this merit badge will cover the history of mining, explore the status of mining in the 21st century, and introduce Scouts to modern mining careers.


Estimated release: 2014

Requirements: TBD

Description: Computer or traditional animation tasks that will test a Scout’s creativity, artistic skills, and storytelling abilities.

Signs, Signals, and Codes

Estimated release: 2014

Requirements: TBD

Description: American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most used language in the United States.  The Signs, Signals, and Codes merit badge will cover Morse code, ASL, Braille, signaling, trail markings, and other nonverbal communications.  Did you know that some of these have even saved people’s lives?


Estimated release: 2014

Requirements and description: TBD

Computer-Aided Design

Estimated release: 2014-2015

Requirements: TBD

Description: Teaching boys to use computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.

Advanced Computing

Estimated release: 2014-2015

Requirements: TBD

Description: The next generation of computing.

Major Updates in the Works


Update expected by May 2013, for summer camp availability

Current requirements (pre-update)

Details: Adds a mountain biking option for Scouts.


Update expected after 2013 Jamboree

Note: This merit badge will become Eagle-required on Jan. 1, 2014

Details: Coming soon, but I’m hearing rumors that it will better incorporate the BSA’s healthy living initiatives.

Are you Tougher Than a Boy Scout  NEW

The reality TV show “Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?” will premiere on the National Geographic Channel on Monday March 4, at 7 p.m. Central time.

2013 Boy Scout Sporting Clay Shootout  NEW 

This year, this awesome event will take place on May 4, 2013 at Camp Don Harrington. The information is at the link below!

Information Flyer

2013 Shooting Sports Camp  NEW

This camp is scheduled for July 12-14.  Look for more info soon but put this great event on your calendar.

2013 Eagle Scout Listing  NEW

Last Name Unit Number District
Bowling T-4 GE
Gwyn T-4 GE
Gwyn T-4 GE
Earls T-98 GE
Wihelm T-54 GE

Memorials and Tributes NEW

For                                                              From

Tom Riney and John Boyce                      Stan and Kathy Morris

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