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Adobe Walls District Highlights- June 2012

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District Chairperson – Richard Carter – 806-274-3463

District Commissioner – Rick Jones –

District Executive – Eric Byrne-

June Calendar: see the council calendar

Planning for the summer

As the end of the school year is now here, we need to start looking at what we are doing to keep the boys active during the summer.  I want to remind everyone that the boys tend to vote with their feet and inactivity will likely have a young man quit scouting.  Please think about having at least two activities a month between June and August.  Don’t forget that we are having an Adobe Walls merit badge / belt loop ranch in October and are working on a disc golf day for August..  Please stay in contact with your youth and try and help them with advancement activities they can do at home during the summer.

Monthly district meeting

We would like to offer up help from our unit commissioners to any unit in Adobe Walls District who could use a bit of extra assistance with training, communications or paperwork. Please contact Rick Jones if we can be of assistance! In addition, I’m still look for willing volunteers to assist your fellow Scouters as Unit Commissioners in Adobe Walls District.

Monthly Newsletter Submissions

As your District Executive, it is my job to handle the district operations….both good and bad.  If you or any of your unit members have a problem that cannot be handle internally, please call or email me.  It is my desire to see that we are a successful district that serve the boys a complete scouting experience by adhering to the principles of the scout oath and scout law.  I cannot help if I don’t know there is a problem.  If you cannot speak to me, or you feel I am the issue please call the field director, Anthony Escobar (806-567-0165, email:  I respectfully request that everyone gives us an opportunity prior to calling the council office.  I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer.

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Golden Eagle District Highlights- June 2012

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District Chairman:  Dean Sather   806-353-9750

District Commissioner:  Joy Kilian  806-679-4236

Hereford Area District Commissioner: HS Fuller,

District Executive: Brian Lamirande  806-358-6500 or

June Calendar– Please see the online calendar located on the Council Website-

The summer is here and I will be at Camp MK Brown beginning later this week until early July.  I am excited about the opportunity to be the Program Direcotor this year and look forward to seeing many of you at camp.  If you haven’t signed up for camp yet, now is the time do so.  Just call the Scout Office at 806-358-6500 and they will get the process started it is NOT too late!

If you need my assistance while I am at camp, please call me or call the Scout Office and ask for Anthony!

Hope to see all of you soon.

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Lone Wolf District Highlights- June 2012

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District Chairperson-Duwane

District Commissioner-Bob Post-

District Executive-Lindsay Waugh-

June Calendar:

3-Start of NYLT

15-Pack 143 Activity Day

16-Spearman Fun in the Sun Camp

Pack 41 Blue and Gold and Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby for Pack 41 was held at the Catholic Church in Dalhart, TX, at 10:00 a.m. on May 5th, 2012,  in the All Purpose Room. Many family members attended to see each Cub Scout race a car. Some of the police force, including Chief Sinclair, was present for the festivities. Andrew Berngen took 1st in the Tiger Division. William Kolath took 1st in the Wolf Division. Matthew Turner took 1st in the Webelos division. There were also many inventive designs for the derby cars. The activities wound down with a nice Blue and Gold Banquet, where family members gathered to see the Cubs receive honors and achievements. Ham was served with a variety of sides. The day was fun and festive.

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Quanah Parker District Highlights- June 2012

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District Chairperson–  Joni Mickna – (806)674-7040 (cell)

District Commissioner– Steve Rodriguez (806) 231-3380 

District Executive– Chase Roach  (806) 341-4491

June Calendar– Please visit the District calendar at– calendars

The summer has arrived and I will be off to Camp MK Brown later this week to serve at your Camp Director!  I am excited about this opportunity that was given to me and am excited about the staff we have put together this year.  If you have not signed up to come to camp this year, it’s not too late.  Just call the Scout Office at 358-6500 and they will get you registered.  I hope to see many of you during the next moth or so but if I don’t, have a great summer and see you in mid July!  Call me if you need anything or if you can’t reach me, call Anthony at the office.

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Santa Fe District Highlights- June 2012

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District Chairperson– George Hall –

District Commissioner– Michael Stavenhagen-

District Executive– Gaylyne Manns-

June Calendar Please visit the council web site at and check out the online calender in the “calendar link” 

Fish Fest

Once again Fish Fest was another success.  Thank you Linda McDonald and McLean Troop 425 for all your help. 

Memphis Fun in the Sun

Mark your calendar for Memphis Fun in the Sun 1 day camp on July 14th.  You must register before June 25 to get the early bird fee of $20.00.  Here is the link to the information:

Here is the link to register on line:


Lots of different camps for all ranks starting in June.  Visit our website at for camping information.

Hope everyone stays cool this summer!!!

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Venturing District Highlights- June 2012

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District Chairman:             Jay Barrett:  806-326-2800 or

District Commissioner:  DeLynn McGehee:  806-681-1623 or

District Executive:           Shannon Scott: 806-358-6500 or

June Calendar:

13th:  COPE:  Crew 633

23rd:  COPE:  United Way

27th:  COPE:  Amarillo Opera

July 2012 Calendar:

No dates at this time


Do you know what COPE is all about?  Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience or C.O.P.E. is the challenge course (ropes course) program of the Boy Scouts of America. COPE is a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges facilitated by trained staff directed at enhancing personal growth. If you think you would like to know more, please contact Shannon Scott at 358-6500 or

Scholarship Opportunities

If you have questions about such opportunities, please contact Shannon Scott (Venturing Division) at the Scout Service Center 358-6500.

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Golden Spread Council Highlights- June 2012

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Wood Badge 

This premier adult leader training will take place over two weekends in September and October at Camp Don Harrington.  If you want the best training the Boy Scouts have to offer, this is the course for you.  Sign up now to reserve your slots as they are filling up quickly.  Please click on the link below for more information.

Wood Badge Flyer

New Chief Scout Executive Selected  NEW

Following an extensive selection process, the BSA has named Wayne Brock its next Chief Scout Executive.

Wayne has served as deputy Chief Scout Executive since Oct. 1, 2009, giving leadership and direction to all aspects of operations of the National Council.

Wayne began his career in 1972 as a district executive in New Bern, North Carolina, and then served on the staff in Knoxville, Tennessee. He also has served as Scout executive in Athens, Georgia; as an area director; as Scout executive in Orlando, Florida; as regional director of the Southern Region; and as assistant Chief Scout Executive.

Wayne is a recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award and the Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award. He received his Bachelor of Music Education degree from East Carolina University. Wayne and his wife, Ernestine, have a married son and one granddaughter.

Chief Scout Executive Bob Mazzuca concludes an exceptional career with his retirement on Aug. 31. Wayne will then assume the office on Sept. 1. 

Jamboree 2013

Registration for the 2013 National Jamboree to be held July 15-24 at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve is now open.  Check out the link below for Applications, General Information Flyer and all other information you may need.  Call Bob Altman at 806-358-6500 for more info.

Jamboree Link

Cub Scout “Fun in the Sun” Camps   NEW

If you plan on attending one of the JULY Fun in the Sun Camps, you can register now!  The “Fun in the Sun” Camp Information Flyer and Online Registration link is available below.  These one day camps expose Cub Scouts to BB and Archery Shooting, Crafts, Swimming (at some camps), hikes, water games and other fun activities.  Camps are centrally located throughout the council and we highly encourage everyone to attend.  This is why boys join Scouts- let them have some fun this summer!

Information Flyer

Online Registration

Injury Reporting 

Unit-level volunteers must report to the council any incident that requires treatment beyond Scout rendered first aid.  If, say, a cut finger or a twisted ankle is treated on site, no report is needed.  If a cut finger requires a visit to the doctor and stitches, the report must be submitted along with any relevent photographs, doctors’ forms etc.  The incident form is located at the link below or on our web site in the forms (safety) section.

Incident Form

Program Preview  NEW

The Program Preview is scheduled for July 28 and August 4 at several different locations within the Golden Spread Council.  This event is where we distribute information in the form of flyers for all upcoming events, go over the membership roundup plan for the 2012-2013 school year, discuss upcoming activities such as the Popcorn Fundraiser, Camp Cards, and most importantly, how to put together a great plan and calendar for the upcoming year of Scouting.  More information will be coming soon but please mark your calendar and plan on attending one of these two dates in your loca area.

Health and Safety NEW

One of the most frequently asked questions that our Health and Safety Team receives concerns service projects. Specifically, which tools and jobs are appropriate for youth on a project site, and which are appropriate for adult leaders? To help shed a little light on this topic, the BSA recently published service project guidelines and age guidelines for tool use and work at elevations and excavations which can be found on the link below. 

As with our revised and new merit badges that may involve the use of dangerous equipment (such as Welding Merit Badge, for example), the use of a risk-based approach is important. This calls for discussion of the risk or hazards associated with the activity, and how to prevent, mitigate, or address those risks.

Scouting Safely

Lowe’s Charitable and Education Foundation Grant

This new opportunity is for Life Scouts who have had their Eagle Scout project approved and is a “Construction” type project.  The foundation, through the Council Service Center, will award the Scout a $100 Gift Card (check card used anywhere) as a reimbursement of expenses totalling at least $100.00.  This is effective immediately.  All District Eagle Scout Project Review Board Chairman have received the informational packet for future distribution and they are online at the link listed below.  

Eagle Scout Support Link 

Boy Scout Summer Camp 

Are you ready?  Well we are getting geared up to provide your Boy Scouts a great camping opportunity this year at Camp MK Brown.  We are excited to tell you that we have made some program improvements, menu upgrades, and several staff changes.  We hope you have checked out our Leader’s Guide and Program Guide now available at the council website in the Camping Tab.  Don’t wait too long to sign up as campsites are starting to fill up.  For your older Scouts, check out the Western Heritage Program we are offering for the first time this year.  Its’ all in the Leaders Guide!

Leader’s Guide

Program Guide

Game Design Merit Badge  NEW

The BSA’s next new merit badge, Game Design, is already well under development. The new badge will allow Scouts to focus on one (or more) of these kinds of games:

  • Electronic
  • Outdoor/athletic events
  • Tabletop
  • Pen and paper or role-playing

This variety of games means the badge should appeal to Scouts with different interests. Plus, it keeps the merit badge accessible for Scouts who don’t have reliable access to a computer.

In addition to creating and testing an actual, playable game, Scouts will learn a variety of skills while working on the badge, including:

  • How to think critically and strategically
  • What makes games fun
  • How to design and implement games
  • Problem solving

No exact launch date has been set for the Game Design merit badge, but it will have a big presence at next summer’s Jamboree in 2013!

Invitation to a Complimentary Night at the Kwahadi Kiva for “Song of the Eagle”!  NEW

We were honored when 353 Scouts and Scouters of the Golden Spread Council came to the Winter Night Ceremonials in January and February!  We hope you enjoyed the performance by the Kwahadi Scouts!  It was great fun! 

Come Be Our Scouting Guests This Summer!

     We promised at the spring Council Camporee to invite you to be our summer show guests too!  The Kwahadi summer show, Song of the Eagle, is performed at Philmont and Scout camps and events all across America and overseas.  It will be performed at home in the Kiva in June and July!  You’re invited!

The show is very pro-Scouting and includes big ideas for Scouts and Scouters relating to the dances – just like a campfire program!  The summer outfits and dances are entirely different from the winter show.  We hope all who came to the winter shows AND those who missed the opportunity will come see the whole gang present Song of the Eagle at home in the Kiva!  Some of the Kwahadi Scouts may be from your unit!  It is an honor to perform for our council’s Scouting community! 

A few of the summer performances, particularly on Saturdays, are already sold out to visiting Scouts from afar, but the shows listed below currently have free seats available for you.  Scouts, leaders, parents, professionals, and your families are invited to be our guests.  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED TO ENSURE YOU A SEAT.

To Reserve Your Unit’s Seats

It would be nice if you would set up a unit reservation for your entire group, but we will take individual family reservations.  Just EMAIL ME AT:  to reserve your free seats.  You will need to have a reasonably accurate count of Scouts, leaders, and family members as additional seats may not be available later.  The most seats are currently available for the Friday performances in June and July.  There is an optional dinner which you can purchase if you wish (reservation required), but the show and museum are FREE for you and your families!   

Make “A Night At The Kiva” A Part Of Your Summer Program!

It will be a fun summer evening at the Kiva for your team!  Come join in with other Scouts from around America visiting the Kiva, enjoy the museum, and be our guests for an evening performance!   We encourage you to plan ahead, estimate the number of seats you will need, and EMAIL YOUR RESERVATION before more shows fill up.

Currently available performance dates:

2012 Song of the Eagle

A Colorful Pageant of Song and Dance of the Southwest!

12 Performances Still Available For You To Choose!

Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian

9151 I-40 E, Amarillo, TX

(Exit I-40 #76 in east Amarillo, then WEST on the I-40 frontage road ½ mile to the museum.)

June 7, 8, 9, 15, 22, 29

   July 1*, 6, 7, 13, 14*, 20, 2012

(Kwahadis Summer Show Tour July 22 – August 4!  12 Shows Across Midwest for 12 Councils!)

Show begins at 7:00 PM  (*Matinee at 3:00 PM)

Show Tickets:  Complimentary for Scouts, Scouters, and your families!

Optional Dinner also available!

Mexican Dinner Buffet, 6:00 pm, $10.00 tax included. (reservation required)

For information or reservations,

 call the Kwahadi Museum Gift Shop:


Museum is 0pen in May on Sat/Sun, 1 – 5 pm

Summer museum hours begin June 6:  Wed – Sun, 1 – 5 pm.

National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) Meeting  NEW

There will be a contingent meeting on June 16 in Borger following the Leadership Conference at the Scout Room located in at the Lutheran Church.  We have one slot available for anyone still wanting to go to NOAC.  Interested Scouts and Scouters who are members of the Order of the Arrow can contact Kimberly Anderson at 806-736-0093 for any questions.

Order of the Arrow Leadership Executive Council (LEC) Meeting  NEW

There is an LEC meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church in Borger (google maps:, June 16 at 2 PM. All NOAC participants need to attend. Please contact Kimberly Anderson at 806-736-0093 or if you can not. All lodge executive officers need to be in attendance.

As a reminder, OA elections have closed – no elections will be held at summer camp. If you need an out of council call out letter, please contact Trent Stephens at 806-316-6251 or Please include your troop # in your correspondence.

Tour and Activity Plan

The new online tour and activity plan has been developed and is now  available at  This is the only authorized form to be used.

When compared to the former tour permit process, the new plan will no longer require signatures or approvals. Rather, as the plan is completed online, the required prerequisites for that type of trip or activity will be displayed.

For any prerequisites that have not been met (for example, not having someone on a trip who has Hazardous Weather training where this training is required), and before being allowed to submit the form, the person completing the form will have to certify that all prerequisites will be met prior to conducting the trip or activity. Once submitted, an email notification will be sent to the council, chartered organization, committee chair, unit leader, and emergency contact to let them know that a plan has been submitted. Receivers of this notification can log in to and review the plan.

Other tour and activity plan enhancements include the following:

  • Because email notifications will be sent once a plan has been submitted, it is important to maintain current leadership information in the system.
  • Links are provided to current program-required training and education.
  • System prompts and warnings are included.
  • You will be able to review and fix any deficiencies flagged by the system prior to submitting the plan.
  • You can store, retrieve, copy, and reuse completed tour and activity plans.
  • Files such as trekking plans and flight plans may be uploaded.
  • Unit volunteers who currently have access to the tour and activity plan will be able to view and update all plans submitted for their unit up to the day before the scheduled tour date.
  • There will be leader certification of the plan prior to submission.

Access to the Tour and Activity Plan is accessible at  You can only access it if you have linked your membership ID number with your myScouting account.

The preferred method of accessing this permit is through the internet but for those who do not have access or simply prefer paper over an electronic version, a PDF version can be found on the tour and activity plan page.

A training video has been developed that guides you through the application process.  This can be found at in the Forms Tab.

2012 Shooting Sports Camp

This camp is scheduled for July 6,7, and 8, 2012 at Camp Don Harrington.  The cost is $100 per Scout AND Adult.

  • Pay just $85 “Early Bird Discount” if paid by June 18th.
  • Fee includes a T-shirt, Guns, Bows & Arrows, Targets, Safety Equipment, Ammo, Range and Facility use. 
  • Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Breakfast are also included in the fee!

 Fun-Filled Activities Include:

  • Rifle/Shotgun Shooting   
  • Action Archery
  • 5-Stand
  • Black Powder Shooting
  • Demonstrations
  • Exhibits

Shooting Sports Camp is a weekend of shooting, learning, and fellowship for all Boy Scouts, Venturing Scouts and their adult leadership. 

This is a great way to experience many of the shooting disciplines available at Camp Don Harrington. For more information please contact Bob Altman at  358-6500 or

2012 Shooting Clays Tournament 

Save the date!  This year, the Shooting Clays Tournament will be held on August 11 at Camp Don Harrington.  If you are interested in forming a Team to shoot or to volunteer (and we need lots of them), please contact Bob at 806-358-6500 today.

2012 Eagle Scouts

This section will be updated in July!

Memorials and Tributes 

None this month

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