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Golden Eagle District Highlights- March 2012

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District Chairman:  Dean Sather   806-353-9750

Disitrct Commissioner:  Joy Kilian  806-679-4236

Hereford Area District Commissioner: HS Fuller,

District Executive: Brian Lamirande  806-358-6500 or

March Calendar

1     NO ROUNDTABLE – Normal Calendar resumes 1st Thursday in April

1     District Commissioner’s Meeting 6:30pm @ Scout Office

8     District Key-3 Meeting, 6:00pm @ St. Thomas the Apostle Church    

8     District Potluck Banquet – 7:00pm @ St. Thomas the Apostle Church

15   Eagle Scout Service Project Review

22   Eagle Scout Rank Board of Review

25   Hereford Area Pinewood Derby, 1st United Methodist in Hereford-Contact Sarah Chase for details


Calendar/Meeting Times & Location

As the Golden Eagle District is well underway in its transition into 2012 New Year, we will resume our traditional monthly meeting schedule in APRIL as follows:

Cub Scout/Boy Scout Roundtable
1st Thursday of the Month – 7:00pm @ St. Thomas the Apostle Church- 4100 South Coulter

District Key-3 Meeting
2nd Thursday of the Month – 6:00pm @ Scout Service Center

District Committee Meeting
2nd Thursday of the Month – 6:30pm @ Scout Service Center

District Commissioner’s Meeting
2nd Thursday of the Month – 7:15pm @ Scout Service Center

Eagle Boards of Review
Service Project Review – 3nd Thur. of the Month – 6:30 pm @ St. Luke Presbyterian Church, 3001 S. Bell
Eagle Rank Review – 4rd Thur. of the Month – 6:30 pm @ St. Luke Presbyterian Church, 3001 S. Bell

**Please check the District Website for Calendar Updates & Acticities**


 The Golden Eagle District Facebook Page:\

Roundtable Training- Come one, Come ALL!

Adult Leader Roundtable is an excellent opportunity to ensure that YOUR unit is represented and YOUR thoughts, ideas, comments and concerns are heard. This monthly meeting provides a platform for discussion, event planning, training, networking and idea sharing that all will surely benefit from.

We will feature tailored monthly discussion topics and fun-filled activities to keep you & your leaders engaged and excited to return for more! So bring all of your Pack/Troop’s adult leaders out to the Golden Eagle Monthly Roundtable & join in on the fun!

Eagle Scout Project Reviews and Eagle Scout Boards of Reviews

Service Project Review – 3nd Thur. of the Month – 6:30 pm @ St. Luke Presbyterian Church, 3001 S. Bell

Eagle Rank Review – 4rd Thur. of the Month – 6:30 pm @ St. Luke Presbyterian Church, 3001 S. Bell

**See Flyer for the 2012 Golden Eagle District Banquet**located at

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Adobe Walls District Highlights- March 2012

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District Chairperson – Richard Carter – 806-274-3463

District Commissioner – Rick Jones –

District Executive – Eric Byrne-

March Calendar:

17-CampCardKick-Off (11amBorger/ 1pmPampa)

22- District Planning Mtg.

District Planning Meeting

On Thursday, February 23, we had the first Adobe Walls District Planning meeting for 2012.  We had several great ideas and couldn’t finish in the time allotted.  We will be completing this planning for 2012 on Thursday, March 22, at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will again be at the Pampa Chamber of Commerce building located on the corner of Ballard and Duncan inPampa.  I am asking for every unit to please send a representative to help us nail down our 2012 district activities.  Several units from the outlying areas have offered to car pool.  Please contact me and I will help to arrange this.

Camp Card Kick-Off 2012

I am very excited about camp card this year.  The kick-off  locations and information will be emailed to all participating units.  If you are not yet participating, or have changed your mind and would like to, please call 806-584-8045.  The cards this year are amazing and will be easy for your scouts to sell in order to raise the much needed funds to support them with camping activities.  Again, I will have some extras, so if you sell out please call me so we can get you more as long as they last.

Local Scouter Earns Award

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Rick Jones, our Adobe Walls District Commissioner was awarded the District Award of Merit on Sunday, February 26.  The District Award of Merit is awarded for service to youth, and he must have rendered noteworthy service to youth in Scouting, outside of Scouting, or both.  When you see Rick, please congratulate him for his service to scouting.

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Lone Wolf District Highlights- March 2012

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District Chairperson-Duwane

District Commissioner-Bob Post-

District Executive-Lindsay Waugh-

March Calendar:

6-Troop 46 Court of Honors

10-Livin’ Green 5K and 10K in Guymon, OK

7-Eagle Board of Review for

17-Camp Card Kickoff

24-Pack 146 Pinewood Derby

30-Pack 163 Blue and Gold

Pack 146 Blue and Gold Banquet

The Blue and Gold banquet for Pack 146 was held at the fair building in Boise City, OK on February 6th, 2012. They had soft and hard tacos for the fare, as well as many wonderful desserts. The event was quite wonderful, with many family members in attendance to see their Cub Scouts receive honors.

Pack 256 Blue and Gold Banquet

The Blue and Gold banquet for Pack 256 was held at the VFW building in Perryton, TX on February 11, 2012. Barbecue was the main course at this banquet. Some of the Boy Scouts were in attendance, with a large turnout of family and friends. It was a wonderful evening, complete with humorous skit and wonderful crossover ceremony for the Webolos to Boy Scouts.

Pack 142 Blue and Gold Banquet

Pack 142 held their Blue and Gold banquet on Sunday, February 19, 2012 at the Methodist Church in Goodwell, OK. They spiced things up with an Italian spaghetti dinner, complete with salad and bread. Many folks from the area attended to see many of the cub scouts receive honors and awards for the year.

Pack 143 Blue and Gold Banquet

Pack 143’s Blue and Gold banquet was on the night of February 23rd, 2012 in Guymon, OK, at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church. They served pizza from Mazzio’s, as well as very tasty cookies. The Alma Folklorica dancers provided the entertainment for the evening with lively and rhythmic dancing. Many awards were passed out, including very interesting ones for some of the adult leaders.

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Quanah Parker District Highlights- March 2012

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District Chairperson–  Joni Mickna – (806)674-7040 (cell)

District Commissioner– Steve Rodriguez (806) 231-3380 

District Executive– Chase Roach  (806) 341-4491 

March Calendar:

1-    Quanah Parker Roundtable

8-    Quanah Parker Committee & Unit Commissioner Meeting

17- Camp Card Pass Out

24- Quanah Parker District Pinewood Derby & Scouting for Food


Hello, I’m Chase Roach the District Executive for the Quanah Parker District. 2011 was a great year for Scouting, and 2012 is shaping up to be even better. For more details on any of the about items please take a look at or contact me directly with the info listed above. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Camp Card Pass Out

On March 17th, 10:00AM at the Scout Service Center (401 Tascosa Rd) we will be passing out Camp Cards. You can begin selling immediately—-so, don’t wait!! This is a great fundraiser and has the potential to be one of the biggest yet. I am proud to say that we doubled the number of QP Units that are participating this year. Wow!! The balance due for all sold cards will be due at the Council Camporee on April 28th. Have a great time, and remember to follow up each week at your meetings to celebrate the number of cards sold, and to remind them to sell even more.

Great job to all who participate in funding local scouting with Friends of Scouting Campaigns. Funding for Scoutreach programs, and camps is needed more than ever this year. Please contact me directly to setup an FOS Presentation at your Blue and Gold Banquet or Court of Honor. Thank you again!

Quanah Parker Pinewood Derby

On March 24th, 12:00PM-4:00PM at the Kwahadi Kiva we will be having the annual Quanah Parker Pinewood Derby. Race Entrance Fee’s are $1 plus a can of food. The High Plains Food Bank will be on hand to celebrate Scouting for Food day, and receive all of the cans donated at the race. Car weigh-in will begin at 12:00PM, and races will begin at 1:00PM. We will have a Cub Scout only division, a family division, and a Scout Leader Division. There will also be lots of ribbons for coolest car, craziest car, etc. This is a day not to miss. Not only do we have a great time with racing fellowship, but we get to help out the less fortunate with the High Plains Food Bank. See you there!!


Chase Roach

Quanah Parker District Executive

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Santa Fe District Highlights- March 2012

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District Chairperson– George Hall –

District Commissioner– Michael Stavenhagen-

District Executive– Gaylyne Manns-


13 – District Meet/Round Table

17 –CampCardKickoff

24 –Scouting for Food

Award of Merit

Congratulations to Polly McAfee of Troop 433 for receiving this years Award of Merit of the Santa Fe District.  And thanks Polly for all you do for your unit and our District.  The District Dinner was a big success with about 20 in attendance including our Scout Executive Andy Price and Field Director Anthony Escobar.  Big thanks to the VFW and George Hall and his staff for preparing the food for the dinner.         

Unit Recharters

Most of our Santa Fe Units were rechartered on time. Congratulation to the units that have accomplished this!  There is still a couple that has not completed this process yet. All of these unit charters expired on December 31, 2011. If your charter has expired our Council cannot post any advancements for your Scouts.  It is critical that we complete this process as soon as possible! Call me if you need help.

 Friends of Scouting

Without this financial support from our leaders, parents, scouting families and the community, Golden Spread Council would not be able to provide the quality programs, training and facilities you expect, for our scouts.  Your continue support of our Friends of Souting Campaign is appreciated.

Camp Cards

Camp Card distribution is scheduled on March 17th in Shamrock at theFirst United Methodist Church at 9:00 am.  Let me know if you plan on attending this or maybe the one inAmarillo.  We need to get the Camp Cards out and into your boy’s hands so they can start selling.

Scouting for Food

Our annual Council Good Turn service project, “Scouting for Food”, has been scheduled for March 24, 2012. This is a coordinated, Council-wide, one day service project to give back to our communities. All Cub Packs and Boy Scout Troops are expected to participate.  Please confirm you participation with Gaylyne, and don’t forget to give her the total pounds of food collected.  If you cannot do this Good Turn on March 24th you can schedule it another time that works for you community and your unit.  Just let me know your date.

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Venturing District Highlights- March 2012

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District Chairman:          Jay Barrett:  806-326-2800 or

District Commissioner:  DeLynn McGehee:  806-681-1623 or

District Executive:           Shannon Scott: 806-358-6500 or


1  –  Post 5607 Tour of WTAMU Computer Department

15 – Meeting at NWTH for Post 5001 (5:30 p.m.) 


19 –  Meeting at NWTH for Post 5001 (5:30 p.m.)

20 –  COPE:  Maxivolt Corporation

2012 Venturing District Awards Banquet in Review

Congratulations to Rayel, Brandon, Jacob, Clarice, Emily, Cordell, Audrey and Nick!  They will be the first inaugural crew to represent the Golden Spread Council at the 2013 Jamboree

Way to go Ted, Walter, Arthur, Carl and Bill.  These are some of the original Kwahadi Dancers still living here inAmarillo!

Thank You to Bob and Chris for a combined 50 years of registered scouting experience!

Congratulations to Bob and Jeff for receiving the unit leader awards and Donna, Larry Brandon and Emily for receiving the leadership awards!

Great Job to Jackie as the recipient of the District Award of Merit!

Outstanding Job to Matthew for receiving his Ranger Award and Emily, Ryan and Nick for receiving their Ranger, Gold and Silver Awards! 

Congratulations to All!!


Do you know what COPE is all about?  Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience or C.O.P.E. is the challenge course (ropes course) program of the Boy Scouts of America. COPE is a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges facilitated by trained staff directed at enhancing personal growth. If you think you would like to know more, please contact Shannon Scott at 358-6500 or

Scholarship Opportunities

If you have questions about such opportunities, please contact Shannon Scott (Venturing Division) at the Scout Service Center 358-6500.

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Golden Spread Council Highlights- March 2012

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2012 Camp Card Distribution  NEW

The Camp Cards will soon be in the hands of all Scouts!  On March 17, 2012, there will be several Camp Card Kickoff locations for units to attend to pick-up their cards and receive the Unit Kickoff Booklet. 

All units who have reserved cards should have received an email from Scott asking each unit to visit the website listed below to register for the location they will attend to get the cards.  You must et us know which location you will be at so your cards are there!  Any questions should be directed to Scott at the Council Service Center 806-358-6500


Jamboree 2013

Registration for the 2013 National Jamboree to be held July 15-24 at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve is now open.  Check out the link below for Applications, General Information Flyer and all other information you may need.  Call Bob Altman at 806-358-6500 for more info.

Jamboree Link

Welding Merit Badge  NEW

The Boy Scouts of America collaborated with the American Welding Society, BSA Health and Safety Committee, and OSHA members to create the Welding merit badge.  Scouts can begin working on this merit badge on the earn date of 2-24-12 as the pamphlet should be in stores very soon.    Requirements and pamphlets are available in Scout shops and online at 

STEM in Scouting  NEW

Philmont Training Center – Week 1-  June 10—16

By attending this symposium adults will learn how to implement the NOVA and SUPERNOVA awards within their council and help create a plan for future STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) initiatives in Scouting. This symposium is open to all Scouters who wish to learn, share and engage in the BSA’s new STEM initiative. Guest instructors will attend and talk about STEM activities, and experiences in their councils. Scouters who have been identified as the council STEM Chair are especially encouraged to attend but participation is not limited to that group. The conference will include hands-on activities that support the NOVA and SUPERNOVA awards and share teaching techniques that can be used to implement these awards while using the aims and methods of Scouting.

Information Link

Scouting for Food 

Scouting for Food is an annual “Good Turn” that Scouts participate each year.  There is a huge need for food in all of our communities and this one day event is a great way for Scouts to learn about service to others.  Please visit the link below for all the information you will need for this years event.

Scouting for Food

Injury Reporting 

Unit-level volunteers must report to the council any incident that requires treatment beyond Scout rendered first aid.  If, say, a cut finger or a twisted ankle is treated on site, no report is needed.  If a cut finger requires a visit to the doctor and stitches, the report must be submitted along with any relevent photographs, doctors’ forms etc.  The incident form is located at the link below or on our web site in the forms (safety) section.

Incident Form

Lowe’s Charitable and Education Foundation Grant NEW

This new opportunity is for Life Scouts who have had their Eagle Scout project approved and is a “Construction” type project.  The foundation, through the Council Service Center, will award the Scout a $100 Gift Card (check card used anywhere) as a reimbursement of expenses totalling at least $100.00.  This is effective immediately.  All District Eagle Scout Project Review Board Chairman will be receiving the informational packet for future distribution within the next week.  Scouts and their parents can visit the link below for all applicable materials at anytime.

Eagle Scout Support Link 

Introduction to Leadership Skills Course-ILS (Youth) 

ILS is offered on March 31 at Camp Don to Boy Scouts and Venturing Scouts who want to develop their leadership skills.  This course is required to be completed prior to attending NYLT in the Summer.  This is the second class this year and the last so get registered today.  Please see the links below.

ILS Flyer

ILS Registration


This premier training for Boy Scouts and Venturing Scouts is set for June 3-8 at Camp MK Brown.  If you know of a Scout who is deserving of some high quality training that will help in the troop and in his or her future, have him/her visit the link below to get all the details.  As a reminder, there are age limits and they must complete the ILS Course before attending NYLT.

NYLT Flyer

2013 Philmont Council Contingent 

The Council has received approval for a 2013 Philmont Trek.  We have 2 Crews (12 each Crew) from July 6-July 28.  The cost per person will be $770.00 with a deposit of $100.00 due to the Council Service Center on or before April 15, 2012.  Priority will go to Troops who are NOT going to Philmont in 2012 but will entertain them if no one else is interested.  For information, contact Scott at 806-358-6500.

Help Wanted! 

Do you know someone looking for some fun “work” this summer?  Look no further!  We are interested in talking to you if you have an interest in attending National Camp School (fully paid for by the Council) for the following positions:

Boy Scout Camp:  Instructors (15 years of age and older)

Cub Scout Camp:  Camp Director, Program Director

The Director positions require a week long school attendance.

Boy Scout Camp is June 10- July 8 and you must be able to commit to the entire season.  Cub Scout Camps are all weekends in June.

We are also looking for youth staff for some positions for the Cub Scout Resident Camps.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these positions, please contact Scott at 806-358-6500 soon.

Wood Badge 

This premier adult leader training will take place over two weekends in September and October at Camp Don Harrington.  If you want the best training the Boy Scouts have to offer, this is the course for you.  Sign up now to reserve your slots as they are filling up quickly.  Please click on the link below for more information.

Wood Badge Flyer

Adult Training Opportunities 

There are multiple training opportunities for adult leaders on March 31- April 1 at Camp Don Harrington.  Scoutmaster Outdoor Leader Training, Outdoor Leader Training for Webelos Leaders, BALOO for Cub Scout Leaders, Trainer’s EDGE Training for Troop/Pack Trainers and Wood Badge/NYLT Staff, and finally for  Boy Scouts and Venturing Scouts, Introduction to Leadership Skills Course.  What a day at Camp Don!  This is a fantastic opportunity to get your training for the year in an outdoor setting.  Please visit the links below for more info.

Adult Training Info

Online Registration

What’s a Kid to do Fair  NEW

This popular event is designed to bring together in one location representatives from various camps throughout our circulation area to give parents an opportunity to plan activities for their children for the upcoming summer season and you are invited to participate.

What’s a Kid To Do Fair on Saturday, April 14 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the Center Court of Westgate Mall.

 Space is free (you will be provided a 6-foot table) and the public will be invited to attend free of charge.  If you are interested in participating in this event, please go to and click on the link to the What’s a Kid to Do site ( to download the information form.  You will receive a confirmation letter when your form is received.

This is a great opportunity for a Cub Scout Pack or Boy Scout Troop to advertise, recruit, and show off what Scouting is all about.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Susie at or Scott at before March 19.

Wilderness First Aid Course 

The Wilderness First Aid Course will be offered at Camp Don Harrington on March 24-25.  This course is primarily for those adults and older youth who plan on attending Philmont Scout Ranch in 2012/2013.  Philmont requires at least one adult to have this training before attending a trek.  We typically only offer this course once per year now is that time!  Please click on the link below for information.

Wilderness First Aid Flyer

Online Registration

Summer Camp 

Are you ready?  Well we are getting geared up to provide your Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts the part of the year they all look forward to Summer Camp in the Panhandle!  We will offer multiple one day Camps for Cub Scouts, several weekends of Cub Scout Resident Camp where they camp for two nights, and of course, Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp MK Brown.  We have some new programs this year and we expecting record attendance at all camps.  Look for more info soon!

Spring Camporee 

The Spring Camporee is set for April 28 at Camp Don Harrington.  This event is for all Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs.  Boy Scout events are competitive while the Cub Scout (Tiger/Wolf/Bear) events will be for fun and the Webelos events will be judged.  There will be a BB and Archery Range set up for the Cub Scouts this year to have extra FUN!  Look for more info on the council web site this week and for a Constant Contact Email announcing the details.  Lots of fun will be had by all!

2012 Shooting Sports Camp NEW

This camp is scheduled for July 6,7, and 8, 2012 at Camp Don Harrington.  The cost is $100 per Scout AND Adult.

  • Pay just $85 “Early Bird Discount” if paid by June 18th.
  • Fee includes a FREE T-shirt, Guns, Bows & Arrows, Targets, Safety Equipment, Ammo, Range and Facility use. 
  • Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Breakfast are also included in the fee!

 Fun-Filled Activities Include:

  • Rifle/Shotgun Shooting   
  • Action Archery
  • 5-Stand
  • Black Powder Shooting
  • Demonstrations
  • Exhibits

Shooting Sports Camp is a weekend of shooting, learning, and fellowship for all Boy Scouts, Venturing Scouts and their adult leadership. 

This is a great way to experience many of the shooting disciplines available at Camp Don Harrington. For more information please contact Bob Altman at  358-6500 or

Youth Shooting Clays Tournament  NEW

This event is the first ever event and is open to Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers

This 100 CLAY – SHOOTING CONTEST is scheduled for May 5, 2012.  The Entry Fee $20 and is limited to the first 200 scouts that sign up!  For more information please contact Bob Altman at  358-6500 or  To register click on the link below!

Registration Link

2013 Jamboree Band

2013 Jamboree Band Seeks Members  NEW

The Jamboree Band is now forming and is looking for musicians. The staff band will supply music for ceremonies, events, concerts, arena shows, and will entertain the many thousands of Scouts and visitors to the 18th National Jamboree. Repertoire will include popular and patriotic music, marches, and pep band tunes. Scout/musicians who can double on set, guitar, bass and keyboard are needed for the 16 piece jazz band. Scouts and Venturers ages 16 – 25 may apply. Adults (26 and up) may apply, however initial preference will go to youth staff. For information about the band and how to apply, please visit or feel free to email the

Amarillo Zoo Opportunities  NEW

The Amarillo Zoo  will have a Volunteer Open House on Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Ages 13 – Seniors Looking to make a difference? Want to share your passion for wildlife and conservation?  Do you want to inspire others? The zoo may be the place for YOU! We are looking for dedicated, knowledgeable, outgoing, and inspiring individuals to spread the Amarillo Zoo’s mission about wildlife conservation through our education and interpretive programs and events. You will be able to gather information and ask questions. Complete the necessary application, background check, and interview for a position if you choose!

Opportunities for Volunteers include assisting with:

  • Education programs and activities
  • Summer camps
  • Special events
  • Horticulture
  • Assisting keepers

A $25 registration fee will be required if you are selected to attend our next volunteer training class on March 17th and 24th.   Training classes will cover basic teaching methods, animal information, proper animal handling of         our educational animals, safety policies, interpretation techniques and more!

 Amarillo Zoo is located in Thompson Park, NE 24th & Dumas Highway. For more information or 381-5605

CPR/First Aid  NEW

This course will be on May 15 AND May 17 for those of you who may need this course.  These course are for anyone who plans to enroll in the BSA Lifeguard Class at Camp MK Brown Summer Camp (both are prerequisites) and anyone interested in working at Camp MK Brown Summer Camp in the Aquatics area. This course will also fulfill the CPR/First Aid requirement mandated in the Wilderness First Aid Course.  For more information, please visit the links below.

Information Flyer


Memorials and Tributes

Mr. and Mrs. G A Snell     Bob Curry

Pat and Rae Bagely            Bob Curry

David and Jan Corey        Bob Curry

John Curry                           Charlotte Lutyens

Brosier and Buchanan     Calvin York

Robert Altman                   Lt Col. Milton  Fields Sr.

2012 Eagle Scout Listing

First Name  Last Name Troop Number District
T Tedrick T-87 GE
J Rivera T-88 GE
N Sweet T-80 GE
S Zimmerman T-87 GE
R Forslund T-87 GE
T Olson T-87 GE
I Nolan T-87 GE
J Raab T-10 GE
B Watsons T-80 QP
J Talley T-79 GE
L Myers T- 507 AW
K Kelly T-256 LW

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