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Santa Fe District Highlights- February 2012

Posted in Santa Fe by goldenspread on Wednesday, February 1, 2012


District Chairperson– George Hall –

District Commissioner– Michael Stavenhagen-

District Executive– Gaylyne Manns-

January Calendar

9 – District Banquet

District Dinner

The District Dinner will be on February 9th at 6:30 at the VFW in Clarendon. This will be instead of the February Roundtable. At this dinner, the District Award of Merit will be presented. Make plans to attend this annual celebration of Scouting. Please RSVP by Friday 3rd to Gaylyne or to our Council.

Unit Recharters

Most of our Santa Fe Units were rechartered on time. Congratulation sto the units that have accomplished this!  There is still a couple that hve not completed this process yet. All of these unit charters expired on December 31, 2011. If your charter has expired our Council cannot post any advancements for your Scouts.  It is critical that we complete this process as soon as possible! Call me if you need help.

Family Friends of Scouting

Without this financial support from our leaders and our scouting families, Golden Spread Council would not be able to provide the quality programs, training and facilities you expect for our scouts.

Camp Cards

The camp cards will be available on March 17th.  Most towns in Santa Fe have 2 vendors per town, along with McDonalds and Sonic. This fundraiser will allow your boys to earn much needed money for camp or other activities. This is a great, easy fundraiser that creates NO risk for the unit but you will reap huge benefits.

2012 Merit Badge University

Santa Fe had 5 out of 8 Troops go toMerit Badge University. It was great to see so many of our Scouts and leaders at there! Don’t forget to finish any remaining requirements and get the signed, completed merit badge cards, and advancement reports, submitted to theCouncil Service Center.  However, your unit must be rechartered to do this!

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