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Council News- October 2011

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The 2011 Spook-O-Ree is in October 2011 and is expected to be the best ever!  New and exciting activities will be coming to a Spook-O- Ree near you!  Camp Don and Camp MK Brown are transformed into a mecca of Fall Themed events and activities, a game midway, hay ride, BB and Archery extravaganza plus the traditional Haunted House and Spook Walk for those who want to partake!  For information and to register online, click on the links below! Early bird registration ends October 7 at midnight!

Spook-O-Ree Flyer

Spook-O-Ree Online Registration


Did you know that the Golden Spread Council is now on Facebook?  If you enjoy using Facebook, we periodically post important items to keep you up to date on the activities taking place.  Look us up and FRIEND us!!!

Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow  

Have you heard?  Yup, there will be a Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow on December 3, 2011 at The Church at Quail Creek (801 Tascosa Rd., Amarillo).  Plans are well underway to offer lots of awesome classes for all new and experienced Cub Scout leaders.  We will also offer Den Chief training for Boy Scouts who want to help in a Cub Pack!  Please click on the link below for more information and to register online

Pow Wow Information

Pow Wow Online Registration

Award of Merit/Silver Beaver Nominations

District Award of Merit and Council Silver Beaver Award Nominations  NEW

Now is the time to be thinking about which of our fellow volunteer Scouters to honor with this year’s District Award of Merit, and the Council Silver Beaver Award.  These two honors are the highest awards that our Districts and our Council can bestow upon on our fellow Scouters, for service to youth.  Please take a moment and go here:

and here:  to review the qualifications for, and to download the appropriate nomination forms.  Nominations for the District Award of Merit are due to your DE no later than November 1, 2011.  Nominations for the Council Silver Beaver Award are due to the Scout Service Center no later than December 1, 2011.

Philmont Scout Ranch- 2013 Individual Unit Reservations  

Individual unit reservations for Philmont 2012 will take place during November 2011 using a web-based registration process.  Information will be available in mid October at or you can call Philmont at 575-376-2281 x 1139 and request a packet of information be mailed to you.

Scout Shop  

Did you know that you can get all your uniform items and other really cool Scouting stuff from our local Scout Shop?  If you haven’t come in lately, you are missing the opportunity y to see all our new items.  If you are planning on attending Summer Boy Scout Camp, you might need to purchase a new Shirt and Pants for your Boy Scout.  How about some Scrapbooking items to commemorate your son’s Scouting experience.  Lots of cool things are available!  If you live far away, we can mail you anything you might need but if you are in the area, stop in and say hi!

Philmont Trail Meal Program

Each year the Philmont Commissary makes surplus trail meals available to councils and individuals who might have a need for backpacking trail meals for training hikes or other outdoor activities.

These meals are excellent as training tools for any group.  The meals are shelf stable and can be used for any outdoor activity where you are going to be away from cooking facilities for a period of time. 

Each meal will feed two campers a breakfast, lunch or supper.

If you will need meals in the spring for training hikes or other outdoor activities I encourage you to order now.  I do not expect to have any meals for shipping in the spring of 2012.

Your trail meal order will be shipped within 5 business days from the time your order is received.

If you would like to purchase some of these meals, you may email me at to get an ordering and information package.  Or you can call at 575/376-2281 Ex 1252.

Barry Harper

Commissary Manager

Popcorn 2011 Important Dates  NEW

All Orders Due                    October 28, 2011

Popcorn Pick Up                November 12, 2011 

All Popcorn Money Due December 2, 2011

2011 Popcorn Sale Reminders  NEW

 *Attention all 2011 Popcorn selling units-Your unit’s Popcorn kernel must send their email address and their physical address (no Post Office Boxes Allowed Please) to Pat here at the scout office via  in order for your unit to be properly setup into the Trails-End Popcorn Sales system.  This should be done as soon as possible.

 Also, Scout leaders don’t forget to have your scouts bring in or fax (358-7470) to the scout office copies of their full popcorn order sheets so they will be entered into the Council’s weekly Friday drawing to win Academy Sports and Outdoor Gift Cards.

Also, please encourage your scouts to become members of the $600 sales club. Remind them that if they sell $600 or more they will receive a Zyclone and will be invited to an exclusive swim and pizza party at the WTAMU swimming center in January 2012.

Leaders please encourage your Scouts to knock on more neighborhood doors this year!  The Trails-End Popcorn Company has done extensive research that shows that less than 20% of all US households have ever been asked to buy Scout Popcorn and that when asked 80% of consumers will buy Popcorn from a Scout.

Unit Kernels, this is a reminder to submit the following popcorn sale forms to the council office by Friday, October 28.

  1. Unit Order and Settlement form
  2. Unit Scout Rewards order form
  3. Unit Master records form
  4. Unit Top sellers Form
  5. Unit’s Top Sellers Form
  6. Delivery Location Form

For additional popcorn sales forms, or for more popcorn sales information, please go to the council website, and click on the popcorn information link.

Please call Bob or Pat 806-358-6500 if you have any 2011 Popcorn Sale questions!

Jamboree 2013

Registration for the 2013 National Jamboree to be held July 15-24 at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve is now open.  Check out the link below for Applications, General Information Flyer and all other information you may need.  Call Bob Altman at 806-358-6500 for more info.

Jamboree Link

Injury Reporting 

Unit-level volunteers must report to the council any incident that requires treatment beyond Scout rendered first aid.  If, say, a cut finger or a twisted ankle is treated on site, no report is needed.  If a cut finger requires a visit to the doctor and stitches, the report must be submitted along with any relevent photographs, doctors’ forms etc.  The incident form is located at the link below or on our web site in the forms (safety) section.

Incident Form

 Philmont 2012 Opportunity

 Troop 413 is going to Philmont on July 21 thru August 2nd, 2012  and has 1 adult and 2 scout slots available.  If interested, please contact Michael at 

Journey to Excellence 

What can   bring to units? Measurement, guidance, recognition, and more:

1. A framework for planning the year

  • The Journey to Excellence standards are based on what successful units do to continually improve.
  • If your unit plans to achieve gold or silver, you’ll have a strong and active program.

2. A method for evaluating your unit

  • Journey to Excellence provides tangible measurements based on information you are likely already tracking, such as how many campouts you have and how many youth are advancing, and the software uses simple ways to calculate your performance.

3. Guidance in areas where you might do better

  • As you track your performance against the Journey to Excellence standards, you can easily see where you could do better.

4. Specific guidelines and standards of what is considered good performance

  • Journey to Excellence has specific, simple measures that help you compare what you are doing against the standards.

5. Early warning of potential problem areas

  • You are able track any areas where your unit is not performing as you might like and have plenty of time to make corrections.

6. Recognition for good Scouting

  • You can proudly receive your bronze, silver, or gold recognition for your Scouting unit for the year.

7. Benchmarking to get ideas and tips from other good units

  • You can receive help and best practices in areas where other units have met the gold standard.
  • In the areas where you are doing well, you can give help and ideas to other units.

High Plains Eagle Scout Association Eagle Scholarship 

 If you have an Scout who has earned Eagle Scout and is interested in submitting an application for consideration of a scholarship from the High Plains Eagle Scout Association, please click on the link below for requirements, important deadlines etc.  This Scout must be a graduation senior to be eligible.


2012 NESA scholarship 

The 2012 NESA scholarship application is available at on October 1, 2011.  

Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTI)  

JOTI is an annual Scouting event sponsored by the World Scout Bureau of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.  This event utilizes computers and the Internet.  Thousands of Scout groups can be contacted during the weekend.

In the US, Cub Scout dens and Boy Scout patrols can meet and, under supervision of leadership, make many new friends.  JODI will begin on October 15 and end on October 16.  For more information, click on the link below!

JOTI Information

Memorials and Tributes

From                                                                               In Tribute of

Jordan, Savage, Solarski, Fulton, Fowler          Tom Riney’s Birthday

2011 Eagle Scouts

First Initial Last name Troop # District
J Gettles T-80 GE
N Baucom T-94 GE
C Blashill T-79 QP
H Campsey T-4 GE
J Carlile T-86 GE
J Carlisle T-86 GE
D Corse T-472 AW
C Diaz T-108 GE
S Dismuke T-633 GE
P Dixon T-560 AW
R Fletcher T-94 GE
T Heymer T-74 GE
M Hoy T-87 GE
A Huebner T-633 GE
B Jones T-94 GE
M Kmetz T-633 GE
A Law T-87 GE
T Lowrey T-87 GE
W May T-108 GE
Z Metzger T-633 GE
A Metzger T-633 GE
D Montgomery T-404 AW
J Moore T-472 AW
Murphy T-142 LW
M Perez T-80 GE
J Ray T-31 GE
J Rowland C-80 GE
J Stonecipher T-160 LW
J Truelock T-633 GE
D Wagner T-562 GE
T Watson T-104 LW
F Whettle T-29 QP
W Wilson T-472 AW
N Wilson T-17 AW
R Stoffle T-413 AW

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