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Golden Eagle District Highlights- August 2011

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District Chairman:  Greg Wynne,

Amarillo/Canyon District Commissioner: Scott Hollabaugh,

Hereford Area District Commissioner: HS Fuller,

Senior District Executive: George Etier,

August Calendar

4       Eagle Scout Project Reviews

11     District Committee and District Commissioners Meetings

18     Eagle Scout Board of Reviews


Be sure you and your unit are represented at the Roundtable each month.  Roundtables will start again in September.  They are held at St. Thomas Church on Coulter.  The meeting begins at 7:00 pm.   See you there!

Summer Program

I hope everyone had a great time at camp this summer.   There were lots of opportunities available around the council this summer.   Come to Roundtable in September and share your ideas on how to make camp better in 2012.

Location, Location, Location

Roundtable – St. Thomas Church on Coulter   7:00 pm

District Committee – St. Stephens United Methodist Church on Western  7:00 pm

District Commissioners – St. Stephens United Methodist Church on Western 7:00 pm

Eagle Board of Review – St. Stephens United Methodist Church on Western 6:30 pm

Be sure to check out all of the Council-wide events, programs, and trainings shown throughout this newsletter.

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Adobe Walls District Highlights- August 2011

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District Chairperson – Richard Carter – 806-274-3463

District Commissioner – Rick Jones –

District Executive – Vacant


No scheduled events this month

Please see the Golden Spread Council Highlights for all events!

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Quanah Parker District Highlights- August 2011

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District Chairperson– Joni Mickna- (806)674-7040 (cell)

District Commissioner– Steve Rodriguez (806) 231-3380 

District Executive– Vacant


No meetings this month

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Lone Wolf District Highlights- August 2011

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District Chairman- Duwane Skipper-

District Commissioner- Bob Post-

Senior District Executive- Steve Knollenberg-

August Calendar:

11- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

12-13- Council Sporting Clays Tournament,CampDonHerrington,Amarillo,TX.

20- Lone Wolf District Golf Tournament, Sunset Hills,Guymon,OK.

26-27- Summer Ordeal, Camp M.K. Brown

29- Perryton Roundtable meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC,Perryton,TX.

31- Guymon Roundtable meeting, 7:00 p.m., Victory Memorial UMC,Guymon,OK.

September Calendar:

1- Dalhart Roundtable meeting, 7:00 p.m., Central UMC,Dalhart,TX.

6- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

8- Dalhart Popcorn & Sales Trng meeting, 7 p.m., Central UMC,Dalhart,TX.

10- Spearman Popcorn & Sales Trng meeting, 2 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

23-25- District Camporee, location TBA

Unit Popcorn Kernels for 2011

Summer is almost over and this year’s Popcorn sale is right around the corner!  Linda Cummings and Eva Mussman are our District Kernels, this year.  Has your unit recruited its 2011 Popcorn Kernel?  Please let Linda, Eva, or Steve know who will be representing your unit for this year’s sale.  Contact Linda at:, or 806-659-3942,  Eva at:, or 806-339-5287, or Steve at:, or 580-651-2615.  For more information on this year’s sale, please click here:

“Back to the Pack” Cub Scout, and Troop annual planning meetings

August is the time for all Packs & Troops to plan their upcoming Scouting year!  Now that your unit has attended one of the four Program Preview meetings, it’s time to put the information and knowledge you received to work.  Pick a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, allow two to three hours for the planning meeting, and invite all the unit’s leaders & parents to attend.  Using the information received at Program Preview, chart out your unit’s Ideal Year of Scouting, and create your budget.  After you are finished, create your unit’s very own calendar, which you can share with your current families, and all the new families that will be joining your unit, during this fall’s recruiting Roundup season!

2011 Popcorn Sales Kick-off meetings

The Lone Wolf District Popcorn kick off meetings are scheduled for Thursday evening, September 8th, in Dalhart, TX., and Saturday afternoon, September 10th,  in Spearman.  Please see the Council section of this newsletter for details on other times and locations.  The unit leader and Popcorn Kernel from each unit should attend one of these meetings.  You will also get to sample this year’s merchandise!

This year, there is no waiting period for Popcorn sales to begin.  Your unit can begin selling immediately after leaving the Popcorn Kickoff meeting!  The Dalhart kickoff will be the first kickoff meeting held in the Council, so units wanting to get the earliest possible start should plan on attending the Dalhart Popcorn Kickoff!  You will be able to sign-up online, just as you did for this year’s Program Preview meetings.

2011 District Boy Scout Camporee

Mark your calendars and make you troop’s plans to attend the 2011 District Fall Camporee!  This fall’s Camporee is scheduled for September 23-25, 2011.  Location TBA. Watch for more details in the September Newsletter, and upcoming Constant Contacts!

District Award of Merit and Council Silver Beaver Award Nominations

Now is the time to be thinking about which of our fellow volunteer Scouters to honor with this year’s District Award of Merit, and the Council Silver Beaver Award.  These two honors are the highest awards that our District and our Council can bestow upon on our fellow Scouters, for service to youth.  Please take a moment and go here:

and here:  to review the qualifications for, and to download the appropriate nomination forms.  Nominations for the District Award of Merit are due to Steve no later than , November 1, 2011.  Nominations for the Council Silver Beaver Award are due no later than December 15, 2011.

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Santa Fe District Highlights- August 2011

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District Chairperson– Vacant

District Commissioner– Michael Stavenhagen-

District Executive– Gaylyne Manns-

District Chairperson– George Hall –

District Commissioner– Michael Stavenhagen-

District Executive– Gaylyne Manns-



No scheduled events

Day Camp

The Fun in the Sun Day Camp Staff did a great job at the Memphis “Fun in the Sun”.  Thanks to everyone who helped out this year!

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Venturing District Highlights- August 2011

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District Executive:                Brad Drozell


Do you know what COPE is all about?  Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience or C.O.P.E. is the challenge course (ropes course) program of the Boy Scouts of America. COPE is a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges facilitated by trained staff directed at enhancing personal growth. If you think you would like to know more, please contact Brad Drozell at 358-6500 or

Scholarship Opportunities

If you have questions about such opportunities, please contact Brad Drozell (Venturing Division) at the Scout Service Center 358-6500.

Venture Crew Meetings
If you would like to be involved with more than one crew, attend one of these meetings to check out what all Venturing has to offer! Remember to bring a friend! Boys and girls are welcome, ages 14-20.
2009- Kwahadi Dancers- Contact Charles Ritchie for information, (806) 353-1505.
2012- Shooting Crew-Contact Bob Altman for more information, (806) 358-6500.
2072- Comanche Trail Church of Christ Youth Group-Contact Derek Chance for more information, (806) 457-8054.
2094-High Adventure Crew-Contact Chuck Freas for more information, (806) 358-6500
2510- City Church Climbing Crew-Contact Chad Clement for more information, (806) 517-1379.***If you would like more information about your crew in the Venturing section of the newsletter: success stories, advancement progress, etc., contact Brad Drozell (806) 358-6500.


Adult Leadership Training will be held by request, so if you need Venturing Youth Protection or Venturing Leader Specific please contact Brad Drozell (806) 358-6500 or

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Golden Spread Council Highlights- August 2011

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Did you know that the Golden Spread Council is now on Facebook?  If you enjoy using Facebook, we periodically post important items to keep you up to date on the activities taking place.  Look us up and FRIEND us!!!

Order of the Arrow News

The Summer Ordeal is scheduled for August 26-28 at Camp MK Brown (note location change from June Newsletter).  All members need to attend!  We ask that you bring a drawing for a Patch celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Lodge.  All Ordeal Members who have been a member for at least 10 months, should consider sealing your membership and taking the Brotherhood Test.

Program Kickoff Flyers   NEW

All the flyers and information you heard about at the Program Kickoff are now located on the Council Web Site.  If you missed out on the Program Kickoff, you really missed out on a great program.  Not only did each unit get all the  program and training flyers, they received tons of other information that will help them plan their year of Scouting.  If you didn’t attend, your District Executive has your packet and will be contacting you soon.  They are required to review all items in the packet with you so don’t expect a “drop and leave” meeting!  Thank you to all units who attended and as a reminder, you will receive  two percent added commission to your popcorn sale just for spending three hours with us!!!!!

Shooting Clays Tournament Volunteers 

It is hard to believe but it is now time to start preparing for the Golden Spread Council’s Sporting Clays Classic Tournament and Auction.  This year’s tournament will be our Ninth Annual Sporting Clays Classic.  This year’s Classic will be held on Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13.  As you know, all proceeds from the tournament go towards supporting our local Boy Scout programs.

Our tournament has grown from 24 teams in 2003, to this year’s projected 55 teams and over 220 shooters.  These teams will come from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado, all in support of Scouting.

With this many teams and shooters, we are in need of 200 volunteers to help us run a fun and safe tournament. This letter is a request to you and to members of your troop or crew to consider volunteering some time to help us during this year’s Sporting Clays Tournament.

Volunteers are needed in lots of different areas and for various times. Volunteers will be needed on both Friday, August 12 and on Saturday, August 13.  As a volunteer, you can help on one or both days.  You can also specify mornings or afternoons or all day.  Every volunteer will be fed breakfast and lunch and will receive a t-shirt as recognition for their time and help.

Scout Leaders please share this information with your fellow leaders, Scout parents and with your troop and crew members.  This is a great troop or crew activity!

Can your troop or crew spend the night at Camp Don? Absolutely!  Scout Service hours for helping? For Sure!

If you and or your troop can help this year, please Bob Altman at the Scout Service Center-358-6500 or

Campmaster Training On-Line

Are you interested in spending a weekend at Camp Don and staying in the new Campmaster Building?  If so, why not join the Campmaster Corps.  Duties including checking in units, making sure they are settled in their campsites, giving advice on how to properly use our equipment and facilities and checking them out upon departure.  This is a great opportunity to help units grow in the camping program and enjoy a weekend at camp.   Training is now on-line!.  Go to the link below, take the training and then call the Ranger to set up a date and time so he can show you where the utilities connections are at Camp and all the other things you need to know.  Once that is completed, we will add you to the list of Campmaster!  We are desperate for more Campmasters- please contact Scott ASAP to discuss this great opportunity!!

Campmaster Training Link

Chess Merit Badge  NEW

The Chess Merit Badge will be launched in September!  The kickoff event will take place at the grand opening of the new Chess Hall of Fame on September 8-10.  Look for the MB pamphlet in the Scout Store late August!

Scout Shop  

Did you know that you can get all your uniform items and other really cool Scouting stuff from our local Scout Shop?  If you haven’t come in lately, you are missing the opportunity y to see all our new items.  If you are planning on attending Summer Boy Scout Camp, you might need to purchase a new Shirt and Pants for your Boy Scout.  How about some Scrapbooking items to commemorate your son’s Scouting experience.  Lots of cool things are available!  If you live far away, we can mail you anything you might need but if you are in the area, stop in and say hi!


Are you a registered adult leader in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and/or Venturing and think you have attended all training there is?  Well if you have not attended Wood Badge, then you have one more to attend!  This two weekend course on September 9-11 and October 7-9 is advanced adult training.  All the information you need is below- please click on the link!

Wood Badge Information

Popcorn 2011 

Could your unit use some extra cash? Our Scouts units earned $200,000 in popcorn commissions last year to fund their programs and activities!

Make sure your Scout unit attends one of the Golden Spread Council’s Fall Program Kickoff Meetings to learn more about the Fall 2011 Popcorn Sale, to sign your unit up to sell popcorn this fall, and to qualify your unit to earn more commission money!

Popcorn enables your unit to do the things you want without having to do lots of fundraisers. The idea is to have this one fund-raiser in the fall support the entire year of Scouting. This is an officially approved council unit money-earning project that many packs and troops participate in each year. Do your sale in the fall and reap the benefits for the rest of the year.

Help your Scouts build confidence and earn their way in Scouting.

Provides an opportunity for Scouts to pay for their entire Scouting Program with one fundraiser.

Your Scout can earn cool rewards and even a college scholarship.

Your Scout will gain confidence by learning important life skills such as goal-setting, teamwork and speaking in public.

The annual popcorn sale supports all three levels of Scouting:

Individual Scout: Reduces the out-of-pocket expense for Scout families.

Your Unit: Provides funding for packs and troops to carry out their activities.

Golden Spread Council: No other fundraiser supports the entire council to serve packs and troops, pay for needed camp equipment, resources, programs for Scouts, training for leaders, and much more.

                             Support the entire Scouting program in 2011.

Spook-O-Ree   NEW

The 2011 Spook-O-Ree is in October 2011 and is expected to be the best ever!  New and exciting activities will be coming to a Spook-O- Ree near you!  Camp Don and Camp MK Brown are transformed into a mecca of Fall Themed events and activities, a game midway, hay ride, BB and Archery extravaganza plus the traditional Haunted House and Spook Walk for those who want to partake!  Look for more info soon!!!!

Jamboree 2013

Registration for the 2013 National Jamboree to be held July 15-24 at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve is now open.  Check out the link below!.  The national registration fee for participants is $850. Youth participants and leaders registering should check with Bob Altman at 806-358-6500 for fee and payment details, including travel and tour costs.

Jamboree Link

Journey to Excellence 

What can   bring to units? Measurement, guidance, recognition, and more:

1. A framework for planning the year

  • The Journey to Excellence standards are based on what successful units do to continually improve.
  • If your unit plans to achieve gold or silver, you’ll have a strong and active program.

2. A method for evaluating your unit

  • Journey to Excellence provides tangible measurements based on information you are likely already tracking, such as how many campouts you have and how many youth are advancing, and the software uses simple ways to calculate your performance.

3. Guidance in areas where you might do better

  • As you track your performance against the Journey to Excellence standards, you can easily see where you could do better.

4. Specific guidelines and standards of what is considered good performance

  • Journey to Excellence has specific, simple measures that help you compare what you are doing against the standards.

5. Early warning of potential problem areas

  • You are able track any areas where your unit is not performing as you might like and have plenty of time to make corrections.

6. Recognition for good Scouting

  • You can proudly receive your bronze, silver, or gold recognition for your Scouting unit for the year.

7. Benchmarking to get ideas and tips from other good units

  • You can receive help and best practices in areas where other units have met the gold standard.
  • In the areas where you are doing well, you can give help and ideas to other units.

Council Online Calendar  

You will receive a “hard copy” of the 2011-2012 Council Calendar if you attend the Program Preview however, we also have an online Google calendar that is available for viewing and download to “smart phones”.  The online calendar will contain the most up to date information on all Council and District activities and will supersede the hard copy that will be published soon.

Projects at Palo Duro State Park   NEW

If you are interested in doing some volunteer service hours at Palo Duro State Park, they have lots available for you to pick from.  If interested and need more information, please contact Julie at

Kwahadi Dancers   NEW

The Dancers are performing in many locations across the United States.  If you have relatives or friends in these areas, we encourage you to let them know the date and time they will be in that locations so they can see this awesome show.

Kwahadi Dancers

Venturing Crew 9, Golden Spread Council

2011 Summer Show Tour

 Song of the Eagle Performances!

                                1.  Saturday, July 23, La Junta, Colorado

Koshare Indian Museum, 7:30 pm

115 W. 18th St., La Junta, CO

Tickets available at door

Tickets:  $10

Proceeds to Koshare Museum

2.  Sunday, July 24, Lincoln, Nebraska

Cornhusker Council, BSA

Lincoln High School Theater, 7:00 pm

2229 J Street, Lincoln, NB

3.  Monday, July 25, Elgin, Illinois

Three Fires Council, BSA

Lawanue Allanque Lodge $41

Westminister Christian School Gym

2700 West Highland Ave, Elgin, IL

Tickets: $5 per person or $20 per family

Proceeds to Council Campership Fund

4.  Tuesday, July 26, Findlay, OH

Black Swamp Area Council, BSA

Camp Berry, 7:00 PM

5.  Thursday, July 28, E. Aurora, NY

Roycroft Middle School Gym, 11:00 AM

430 Main St., East Aurora, NY

Proceeds to benefit Roycroft Center

6.  Thursday, July 28, Stouffville, Ontario

Greater Toronto Council, Scouts Canada

Camp Woodland Trails

14919 Kennedy Rd, Stouffivlee, ONT

7.  Friday, July 29, near St. Jerome, Quebec

Camp Tamaracouta near Miles Isles

499 Tamaracouta, Miles Isles, QUE

8.  Saturday, July 30, St. Sauveur-des-Monts

(Private show for celebration event)

9.  Sunday, July 31, Dalhousie, New Brunswick

Eel River Bar Community Celebration

Eel River Bar First Nation Gymnasium

1100 Main Street, Eel River Bar, NB

Tickets:  $5 advanced, $6 at door

Proceeds to First Nation Community Celebration

10.  Monday, August 1, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Camp Lone Cloud, Scouts Canada

11.  Tuesday, August 2, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Exhibition Park Arena, 7:30 PM

Prospect Road

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Tickets:  Adults:  $12   Seniors and Youth:  $8

Proceeds to benefit Halifax Area Council, Scouts Canada

12.  Wednesday, August 3, Bangor, Maine

Katahdin Area Council, BSA

Camp Roosevelt, 7:00 PM

13.  Thursday, August 4, Pipersville, Pennsylvania

Bucks County Council, BSA

Camp Ockanickson, 7:00 PM

14.  Saturday, August 6, Savern, Maryland

Baltimore Area Council, Troop 382

Annapolis Area Christian School, 7:00 PM

109 Burns Crossing Road, Severn, MD

Tickets available at door or

Adults $10  Seniors $7  Youth $5

15.  Sunday, August 7, Richlands, Virginia

Buckskin Area Council, BSA

Richlands Middle School, 7:00 PM

#185 Learning Lane, Richlands, VA

Tickets available via Chamber of Commerce

Proceeds to benefit Richlands’ Teen Center

16.  Monday, August 8, Nashville, Tennessee

Middle Tennessee Council, BSA

Holy Family Catholic Church, 7:00 PM

9100 Crockett Road

Brentwood, TN

Tickets available on website:

Proceeds to benefit Boxwell Scout Reservation

                                    17.  Tuesday, August 9, Paris, Texas

NeoTseO Trails Council, BSA

Paris Junior High School Gymnasium, 7:30 PM`

Tickets: $5 at door or from Scout Office

Proceeds to benefit NeTseo Trails Council

 Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow   NEW

Have you heard?  Yup, there will be a Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow on December 3, 2011 at The Church at Quail Creek (801 Tascosa Rd., Amarillo).  Plans are well underway to offer lots of awesome classes for all new and experienced Cub Scout leaders.  We will also offer Den Chief training for Boy Scouts who want to help in a Cub Pack!  Look for more details soon!

Memorials and Tributes

From                                                          In Memory of

Bill Gething                                                E E Shelhamer

Cindi & Lynn Cooper                             Judy Thompson

2011 Eagle Scouts

First Initial Last Name Unit District
J Gettles T-80 GE
C Blashill T-79 QP
H Campsey T-4 GE
J Carlisle T-86 GE
C Diaz T-108 GE
S Dismuke T-633 GE
T Heymer T-74 GE
M Hoy T-87 GE
A Huebner T-633 GE
M Kmetz T-633 GE
A Law T-87 GE
T Lowrey T-87 GE
W May T-108 GE
Z Metzger T-633 GE
D Montgomery T-404 AW
J Moore T-472 AW
J Murphy T-142 LW
M Perez T-80 GE
J Ray T-31 GE
J Rowland C-80 GE
J Stonecipher T-160 LW
D Wagner T-562 GE
T Watson T-104 LW
F Whettle T-29 QP
W Wilson T-472 AW
J Carlile T-86 GE
P Dixon T-560 AW
D Corse T-472 AW

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