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Adobe Walls District Highlights- February 2011

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District Chairperson – Richard Carter –

District Commissioner – Rick Jones –

District Executive – Jim Anderson –

February Calendar:

Feb. 6         Council Reception @ the Kiva on I-40 @ 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Feb. 26      Trainer’s EDGE Course

Council Reception

This is a time to honor our boys who earned their Eagle Award in 2010, recognize the Silver Beaver recipients of our council, and recognize the district award of merit recipients.  If you plan on attending please RSVP to Scott Kilian in the office ASAP.

Trainer’s EDGE

Check out the link above to learn all about this training course the Golden Spread Council is offering to all adults.  Any registered adult Scouter who would like to increase their skills as a trainer/presenter in either the Scouting arena or in your personal life. This will help you if you make better presentations whether it’s in front of your Scouts at a meeting, as a Merit Badge Counselor, Church meeting, Business presentations and so forth.


If you have not submitted your re-charter paperwork to the office yet, please do so immediately.  If you wait too long, your unit will drop!  If you would like any help completing the charter, feel free to call Jim Anderson (number above).  That is what I’m here for, I’m here to help you!!

District Operations

The Adobe Walls District is undergoing some district-level changes.  Joe Hillhouse is stepping down as District Chairman and Richard Carter from Borger is taking his place.  The Adobe Walls District has not been having district committee meetings, nor roundtable meetings for some time now.  Your district executive, Jim Anderson, is working to change this.  Rick Jones (district commissioner), Richard Carter (district chairman), and Jim Anderson (district executive) are working together to staff the district committee with willing and able volunteers who want to help make this district stronger and improve the scouting program in this area. 

We will begin having regular monthly roundtables again shortly as well as district committee meetings.  The roundtables will consist of a variety of different topics throughout the year but every meeting will have a short highlighted training feature.  These meetings will probably happen one after the other on the first Thursday night of each month.

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Golden Eagle District Highlights- February 2011

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District Chairman:  Greg Wynne,

Amarillo/Canyon District Commissioner: Scott Hollabaugh,

Hereford Area District Commissioner: HS Fuller,

Senior District Executive: George Etier,

February Calendar

3               District Dinner

6               Scout Sunday

6              Council Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver Reception

10           District Committee Meeting

10           District Commissioners Meeting

11           Scout Sabbath

13           Valentine’s Day 

17           Eagle Scout Board of Review

21           Presidents Day

March Calendar

 3          District Leaders Roundtable

10         District Committee Meeting

17        District Commissioners Meeting

17        Eagle Scout Board of Review


If you have not completed your re-charter or if you need help with your re-charter please call Scott Hollabaugh or HS Fuller, they are your District Commissioners and they are ready to help you get this important task completed.  You can reach them at the e-mail addresses shown above.   Any unit not re-chartered by February 28th will be dropped.


There will be prizes for the unit that brings the most leaders and for the unit that travels the longest distance to the Roundtable.

Online Training

All of the Cub Scout Leader Specific Training is now available online.   Go to the council website and it will direct you to the online training site.  Be sure to check it out!

District Dinner

The District Dinner will be on February 3rd at St. Thomas.   This will be instead of the February Roundtable. At this dinner, the District Award of Merit will be presented.   Make plans to attend this annual celebration of Scouting.  Please RSVP by Wednesday, February 2nd to  If you need additional information, please call George- 282-6869.

Location, Location, Location

Roundtable – St. Thomas Church on Coulter   7:00 pm

District Committee – St. Stephens United Methodist Church on Western  7:00 pm

District Commissioners – St. Stephens United Methodist Church on Western 7:00 pm

Eagle Board of Review – St. Stephens United Methodist Church on Western 6:30 pm

Be sure to check out all of the Council-wide events, programs, and trainings shown throughout this newsletter.

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Lone Wolf District Highlights- February 2011

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District Chairman- Duwane Skipper-

District Commissioner- Bob Post-

Senior District Executive- Steve Knollenberg-

February Calendar:

5- OA Elections begin for Troops

6-Scout Sunday

6- Council Eagle & Silver Beaver reception

10- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

21- Scout Service Center closed, Presidents’ Day Holiday

March Calendar:

1- Perryton Adult Leaders meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Perryton, TX.

3- Dalhart Adult Leaders meeting, 7:00 p.m., CUMC, Dalhart, TX.

5- Boy Scout Leader Specific Training, location TBA

8- Guymon Adult Leaders meeting, 7:00 p.m., VMUMC, Guymon, OK.

10- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

2011 Council Eagle & Silver Beaver reception

Make plans to attend the annual Council Reception, on Sunday, February 6th, 2011, in Amarillo, TX., so we can honor our District’s 2010 Eagle Scouts, District Award of Merit and Silver Beaver honorees. Go here: 2011 Council Eagle and Silver Beaver Reception to find out more, or to sign up.  Yes, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, but we promise the reception will be over with in plenty of time for the pre-game festivities!

Family Friends of Scouting

It’s time to schedule your unit’s Family Friends of Scouting presentation.  Without this financial support from our leaders and our scouting families, the Golden Spread Council would not be able to provide the quality programs, training and facilities you expect, for our scouts.  Plan on having a Family Friends of Scouting presentation at your next pack meeting, Pinewood Derby, Blue & Gold Banquet, or troop court of honor.  Call Steve Knollenberg at 580-651-2615, or Audrey House at 580-652-2085, to schedule a presentation that is convenient for your unit.

Unit Recharters

Most of our Lone Wolf units were rechartered on time.  Congratulation to the units that have accomplished this.  This is a very good achievement for our District!  If you have not yet turned in your Unit recharter, Steve will be contacting you, again.  All of our unit charters expired on December 31, 2010.  If your charter has expired we cannot post any advancements for your Scouts.  For those units which have not completed the recharter process yet, it is critical that we complete this process as soon as possible!

Scouting’s Birthday 1910-2011 -Scout Sunday & Sabbath Activities

Scouting’s 101st anniversary is a remarkable milestone & we should be celebrating it, and sharing it with our Chartering Organizations and communities.  I want to strongly encourage all of our District’s units to plan and conduct Scout Sunday, or Sabbath, activities in our local communities, sometime in February.  Scouting’s 101st anniversary week of February 6th through the 12th is the ideal time, but it can be any Sunday during the month.  It is a wonderful way to celebrate and share our scouting heritage with our communities and chartering organizations.  It is the ideal time to present your unit’s 2011 Charter, to your chartering organization.

2011 Merit Badge University Recap

It was great to see so many of our Scouts and leaders at the Merit Badge University!  Don’t forget to finish any remaining requirements and get the signed, completed merit badge cards, and advancement reports, submitted to the Council Service Center.

Scouting for Food

Our annual Council Good Turn service project, “Scouting for Food”, has been scheduled for March, 2011.  Hopefully, there will not be a blizzard this year!  This is a coordinated, Council-wide, one day service project to give back to our communities.  All Cub Packs, Boy Scout Troops & Venturing Crews are expected to participate.

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Quanah Parker District Highlights- February 2011

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District Chairperson– Joni Mickna- (806)674-7040 (cell)

District Commissioner– Vacant

District Executive– Pablo Rueda- (806) 679-6073 (cell)


7       Key Three Meeting

10     District Committee Meeting

Adult Leader Roundtable

When? Thursday, February 3@ 7:00 pm

Where? American Legion

               617 SW 7TH Ave

               Amarillo, TX 79101

Roundtable training is an important asset to any leader or parent!

Come learn and share ideas with your peers in the district.  This is a monthly get-together of all leaders, Assistants, Committee Members, and involved parents.  This training will help leaders who want to help their Unit Committee get the best resources, activities, and up to date information on upcoming events in the district and council.  Roundtable also enables and motivates leaders to deliver an outstanding program to their units. The district believes strongly that all of Quanah Parker’s leaders should be participating in roundtable in order to deliver a stronger program for our scouts.


Every Scout Deserves a Trained Adult Leader!

When you are trained it makes it a lot easier for you to get involved and do things right; and the boys get a better program and a better experience. The Golden Spread Council’s goal is to have 100% leaders trained in all districts. If your unit has changed Cubmaster or Scoutmaster, or has new parents involved in it; they should get training right away! All the necessary training is online at If you need your Scouting ID in order to log in, please feel free to contact the Scout Office at (806) 358-6500 and ask any of the staff. Also, there will be additional training during the year so pay attention for dates and sign up. If for some reason you and your leaders cannot come to training, call Pablo Rueda at 806-655-5800 and let him know.

Important notice: Please make sure you log on your Scouting ID after taking the on-line training otherwise your training progress might not get registered in the system Logging  on your Scouting ID allows the system to track your training progress.

District Executive

As it becomes a busy time of the year for all of our Packs in Quanah Parker.  Everyone starts planning their Blue and Gold Banquets as well as their Pinewood Derby events. I encourage all leaders to prepare a calendar of events for your unit, whether you lead a pack or a troop.  It definitely gives you an advantage to plan with a calendar letting your boys know when the different unit activities are going to take place. This allows the boys to look forward to the different activities your unit offers throughout the year, and encourages them to continue attending your meetings.

We are currently offering all units the opportunity for a new fundraiser!  We call this fundraiser “The Camp Card” which will give all units the opportunity to sell cards with different business promotions from businesses council wide. This fundraiser will allow your boys to earn much needed moneys for camp or other activities. We will be contacting you to give you the opportunity to participate in the fundraiser. Please contact Pablo Rueda at the council office for more information.

We would like to welcome Jason Dunham as our District Activity and Program Chairman.  Jason is an experienced Boy Scout Leader eager to put his experience and enthusiasm on the table in order to plan and promote different activities and programs for our district.

Thanks to all the volunteers who support our cause, and have stepped up to help our district committee continue to be functional. Special thanks to; Joni Mickna and Doris Williams.

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Santa Fe District Highlights-February 2011

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District Chairperson– LH Webb-

District Commissioner– Michael Stavenhagen-

District Executive– Gaylyne Manns-


10   District Dinner VFW Clarendon Texas 6:30 pm


Santa Fe is very slow this year getting Recharters done.  Please let me know if I can help you.  We need to get them all in now.

Friends of Scouting

Santa Fe is already pushing Friends of Scouting at 17.5% goal so far.   Thanks George Hall for what you are doing.

District Dinner

Our District Dinner will be held at the VFW in Clarendon on Thursday February 10th at 6:30 pm.

Congratulations to John Forbis from Pack and Troop 17 from Claude Texas for his District Award of Merit.  John will be presented the award at the Dinner.

Fish Fest

Mark you calendar for May 7, 2011 at MKB will be Santa Fe District Fish Fest.

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Venturing District Highlights- February 2011

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District Executive:                Brad Drozell


No scheduled events or activitites


Do you know what COPE is all about?  Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience or C.O.P.E. is the challenge course (ropes course) program of the Boy Scouts of America. COPE is a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges facilitated by trained staff directed at enhancing personal growth. If you think you would like to know more, please contact Brad Drozell at 358-6500 or  Make sure and sign up for the COPE- Merit Badge University class that will be offered on January 23, 2010.

Scholarship Opportunities

If you have questions about such opportunities, please contact Brad Drozell (Venturing Division) at the Scout Service Center 358-6500.

Venture Crew Meetings

If you would like to be involved with more than one crew, attend one of these meetings to check out what all Venturing has to offer! Remember to bring a friend! Boys and girls are welcome, ages 14-20.
2009- Kwahadi Dancers- Contact Charles Ritchie for information, (806) 353-1505.
2012- Shooting Crew-Contact Bob Altman for more information(806) 358-6500.

2245- Pistol Shooting Crew-Contact Verna Popp for more information (806) 358-6500.
2072- Comanche Trail Church of Christ Youth Group-Contact Derek Chance for more information, (806) 457-8054.


***If you would like more information about your crew in the Venturing section of the newsletter: success stories, advancement progress, etc., contact Brad Drozell (806) 358-6500. 

Venture District Operations

The Venturing district now has an operating district committee, and we would like to thank those who stepped into those positions.  Thank you!

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Golden Spread Council, Boy Scouts of America

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Youth Protection Training BSA Policy Change

To increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already exists today in Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America is implementing several important changes to further enhance its Youth Protection policies.

Effective June 1, 2010, the following YPT policy took affect:

1.  YPT is required for all registered leaders.

2.  New Leaders are required to take YPT before they submit their application for registration.  The certificate of completion  must be submitted at the time application is made and before volunteer service with youth begins.

3.  YPT must be taken every two years.  If a volunteer’s YPT record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteers will not be registered.

To ensure these policies are fully implemented, please take the following steps:

* If you have not taken YPT within the last two years, log on to and take the training.  You will need your membership number located on your BSA Membership Card.  Call the Scout office if you don’t have it.

*If you have taken YPT on-line but did not input your membership number, log back on to the Training section of and input your member ID so the training will be linked with your records.

*  If you have taken YPT within the past two years but did not take it online, log in to to ensure your records are up to date, or contact the Scout Office and have us verify that your YPT records are accurate.

*  Finally, please share this information with all of your registered adults.

Youth Protection Training is available online at

2011 Merit Badge University  NEW

The Merit Badge University was a huge success and thanks to all who participated.  If you have NOT received your Merit Badge Class Completion paperwork it is because your recharter is not complete for some reason.  Please call the office and inquire as to the reason.  Once you are rechartered, we can mail out the MBU paperwork. 

Trainer’s EDGE

We have scheduled a Trainer’s EDGE Course for anyone interested in training fellow Scouters in the future.  This is a required training before allowing a volunteer to train other volunteers about Scouting.  We only offer this class one a year and it will be on February 26, 2011 at the Scout Service Center in Amarillo.  We highly encourage you consider taking this course to become a better communicator even if it’s in your business or personal life.  For more information and to register Online, please click on the links below.

Trainer’s EDGE Information Flyer

Online Registration

Silver Beaver Award/Eagle Scout Reception NEW

Congratulations to our new Silver Beaver Award recipients Will Miller, Rob Law, and Jerry Saxon.  These Scouters were submitted for this prestigious award by their peers for outstanding service to the Council.  The reception to recognize the Silver Beaver Award recipients, the Eagle Class of 2010 and several other award recipients will be on February 6, 2011 at the Kwahadi Kiva at 2pm.  The deadline to sign up is Thursday!


Did you know that the Golden Spread Council is now on Facebook?  If you enjoy using Facebook, we periodically post important items to keep you up to date on the activities taking place.  Look us up and FRIEND us!!!

Philmont 2011

Troop 73 has made arrangements for a Trek at Philmont in 2011 and they have additional openings for Boy Scouts and adult leaders.  If you are interested in going on a trek in 2011, please call Joni Mickna at 806-674-7040 to get all the information regarding dates, fees etc.

Interactive BSA Uniforms Site Launched

The new, official uniforms website is now active. It includes a number of features that make it a valuable resource not only for Scouts and parents, but for leaders, Scout Shops, councils, distributors, and customer service. The interactive format takes visitors through Scouting’s ranks and programs, with 360-degree views of what the official uniform should look like when complete. Other features include drag-and-drop insignia, full descriptions of each uniform piece, and a “Shop Now” link that takes you directly to the site.

2011 Nuclear Science Merit Badge

We will conduct a Nuclear Science Merit Badge through B&W Pantex in March and April 2011.  For all the information, please click on the link below.

Nuclear Science Merit Badge Information

Campmaster Training Now On-Line 

Are you interested in spending a weekend at Camp Don and staying in the new Campmaster Building?  If so, why not join the Campmaster Corps.  Duties including checking in units, making sure they are settled in their campsites, giving advice on how to properly use our equipment and facilities and checking them out upon departure.  This is a great opportunity to help units grow in the camping program and enjoy a weekend at camp.   Training is now on-line!.  Go to the link below, take the training and then call the Ranger to set up a date and time so he can show you where the utilities connections are at Camp and all the other things you need to know.  Once that is completed, we will add you to the list of Campmaster!  We are desperate for more Campmasters- please contact Scott ASAP to discuss this great opportunity!!

Campmaster Training Link 

Florida Sea Base 2011 Opening

Looking for a once in a lifetime adventure while in scouts?Join Troop 87 when we go to Florida High Adventure Sea Base in the beautiful Florida Keys!  We have two (2) openings for our trip scheduled June 14-22, 2011.

We will be visiting the Florida Everglades via airboats and then visiting several beaches around Miami before we spend 5 nights on a sailboat sailing along the Florida Keys. The days will be filled with blue skies and water so blue and clear you would believe it. If you would be interested in joining our crew please contact Darryl Dixon at 356-6245 or for more information.

Required age for a youth to attend the High Adventure Camp is 14 year old by trip date.

Tour Permits Changing  NEW

Effective March 1, 2011, what are currently known as local and national tour permits will be superseded by what will be called the tour plan. *The online tour permit system will be suspended. This update is the accumulation of work by a cross-functional team of volunteers and staff including the Health and Safety Support Committee, Council Solutions, Outdoor Program Group, and Risk Management Advisory Panels.

Here is the definition of the tour plan in the Language of Scouting: “Units complete this form when planning for local, national, or international adventure. The plan helps ensure the unit is properly prepared, that qualified and trained leadership is in place, and that the right equipment is available for the adventure.”

The form will become active on our website beginning March 1, 2011.

What’s different?

1) The council is the reviewer of all tour plans; there is no regional review required.

2) The tour plan consists of a tour planning worksheet to be completed by the unit/contingent. It is retained by the council and a tour plan is returned to the unit after processing.

3) It’s on standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper!

4) There is a 21-day advance notice requested for units to submit the plan for your review.

5) A single point of contact (not on the tour) for council use is included.

6) Defined reasons/times when a tour plan must be submitted for council review:

a. Trips of 500 miles or more

b. Trips outside of council borders not to a council-owned property

c. Trips to any national high-adventure base, national Scout jamboree, National Order of the Arrow Conference, or regionally sponsored event

d. When conducting the following activities outside of council or district events:

  • Aquatics activities (swimming, boating, floating, scuba, etc.)
  • Climbing and rappelling
  • Orientation flights (process flying plan)
  • Shooting sports
  • Any activities involving motorized vehicles as part of the program (snowmobiles, boating, etc.)

e. At a council’s request (allows council to add review times based on local needs)

7) There is an updated Pledge of Performance.

What is not changed?

1) A council can define “local” tour plan review needs in addition to the above.

2) The Scout executive still needs to have in place a policy/procedure for tour plans.

3) Requirements for qualified supervision, training, insurance, etc., remain unchanged-for example, CPR and Wilderness First Aid requirements for high-adventure camps.

Northern Tier Opportunity NEW

Summer 2012 registration opens 8:00 AM CST on April 1, 2011 for the Northern Tier National High Adventure Program.  If you are interested in a Northern Tier National High Adventure Trek, contact Scott at 806-358-6500. 

Order of the Arrow News NEW

2011 OA Regalia Lock-In

Who: All Nischa Achowalogen Lodge Members are encouraged to attend Regalia Lock-in.
What: OA Regalia Lock-in: Swimming! Fellowship! Fun! Crafts! Dancing! LEC And More!
Where: Frank Phillips Activity Center, 1301 W. Roosevelt, Borger, TX
When: February 11/12, 10 PM—7 AM
Cost: $15.00—Includes snacks
Registration: Register due by February 1, 2011
Go to
Call or stop by the Scout Office for the registration form

Section Conclave
Conclave is an opportunity for arrowmen from across our section to gather for a weekend of fun, fellowship, and competitions. This year’s conclave will be held at Camp Tonkawa, outside of Abilene TX, April 15-17 2011. Make plans to attend today! For more information visit,

Other News
Unit Elections begin February 5.  Scoutmasters be on the lookout for more information in your mailbox soon. If you have any arrowmen who like to be on an election team, please direct them to:

If you have not paid your 2011 dues, now is the time. Visit and fill out your 2011 renewal form today.
Stay connected:

Venture Crews 2245 and 2012  NEW

These two Crews are going to the NRA WHITTINGTON CENTER near Raton, New Mexico on March 4, 5, and 6, 2011 and you are invited!  Cost is $100.00 per youth.  The price includes cracker barrel, 2 lunches, transportation, range fees and lodging in the competitor’s cabins. You will need to bring along with clothing and personal items, guns, ammo and money for diner in Raton Saturday night. All registered Boy Scouts and Venturers are invited. Informational meeting and money due on February 10, 2011 at 6:00 pm   at the Scout Service Center. For more information call Bob Altman 358-6500.

Spring Camporee

The Spring Camporee is scheduled for April 29- May 1 at Camp Don Harrington.  This event os for Boy Scouts AND Cub Scouts!  Please take a look at the informational flyer and then register on-line at the link below.


Online Registration

2011 Woodbadge NEW

Are you a registered adult leader in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and/or Venturing and think you have attended all training their is?  Well if you have not attended Woodbadge, then you have one more to attend!  This two weekend course on September 9-11 and October 7-9 is advanced adult training.  information will be available on our website in the next two weeks but consider Woodbadge as your next adult training opportunity.


National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) 6-day program integrates the best of modern leadership theory with the traditional strengths of the Scouting experience to train young men to better serve their troops when placed in leadership positions. Boy Scouts who are at least 13 years of age (and have completed the seventh grade) and have earned the rank of First Class are eligible to participate.  This course will be held at Camp Don Harrington on June 5-10.  Check out the link below for more information.  We are also looking for youth staff members. The application deadline has been extended to February 18th.  Please pass this information on to your “best” Boy Scouts.

NYLT Information

What’s a Kid To Do   NEW

The ‘What’s A Kid To Do Fair’ will be in the Center Court of Westgate Mall on Saturday, March 26, 2011 from 1:00 to 5:00pm. If your unit would like to participate by setting up a table (provided) to recruit new scouts, contact Scott at 806-358-6500.  There is no cost to participate but we need to know before Thursday, Feb. 24. 

Community Requests  NEW

The VFW 1435 requests a Boy Scout Troop conduct a Flag Retirement Ceremony for their membership.  Please contact Nicole at 806-382-2804 for the dates,timers and all the details no later the February 10th.

The Country Club Nursing Home requests Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts visit with their clients on February 8th (Scout Anniversary Week) and show them Scouting items, scouting skills etc.  Snack will be provided!  Please call Cora Reyes at 806-517-9561 for information.

These are both great ways to promote Scouting in our community!

Bulls Hockey Night

The Bull’s Hockey Team is offering a great opportunity for all Scouts to go to their game on February 25th.  For more information, click on the link below.

Bull’s Flyer

2011 Boy Scout Summer Camp  NEW

The 2011 Boy Scout Summer Camping season is just a short 5 months away and we are ready for you!  If you have not decided on where to go this summer with your Troop then we would ask that you consider Camp MK Brown.  We have some great new programs, some new staff, great food, lots of fun and fellowship and a NEW T-shirt design that you and your Scouts will love!  For all the information you need, please visit the link below.

Boy Scout Summer Camp


From                                                                           In Memory of

James and Thelma Lemmons                             Mason Lemmons

Totch and Kathy Upshaw                                     Larry Larson

The Families of Joe and Ben Ed Hillhouse    Nickless Devin

Eagle Scouts

None for Janaury


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