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Lone Wolf District Highlights- January 2011

Posted in Lone Wolf by goldenspread on Wednesday, January 5, 2011


District Chairman- Duwane Skipper-

District Commissioner- Bob Post-

Senior District Executive- Steve Knollenberg-

January Calendar:

1-2- Scout Office Closed

13- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

17- Scout Office closed, MLK Day

22- Merit Badge University

February Calendar:

5- OA Elections begin for Troops

6-Scout Sunday

6- Council Eagle & Silver Beaver reception

10- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

21- Scout Service Center closed, Presidents’ Day Holiday

Unit Recharters

Most of our Lone Wolf units were rechartered on time.  Congratulation to the units that have accomplished this.  This is a very good achievement for our District!  If you have not yet turned in your Unit recharter, Steve will be contacting you, again.  All of our unit charters expired on December 31, 2010.  If your charter has expired we cannot post any advancements for your Scouts.  For those units which have not completed the recharter process yet, it is critical that we complete this process as soon as possible!

Scouting’s Birthday 1910-2011 -Scout Sunday & Sabbath Activities

Scouting’s 101st anniversary is a remarkable milestone & we should be celebrating it, and sharing it with our Chartering Organizations and communities.  I want to strongly encourage all of our District’s units to plan and conduct Scout Sunday, or Sabbath, activities in our local communities, sometime in February.  Scouting’s 101st anniversary week of February 6th through the 12th is the ideal time, but it can be any Sunday during the month.  It is a wonderful way to celebrate and share our scouting heritage with our communities and chartering organizations.  It is the ideal time to present your unit’s 2011 Charter, to your chartering organization.

2011 Merit Badge University

Please don’t let the opportunity to attend the 2011 Merit Badge University to slip by.  There is a tremendous opportunity for your boys to obtain merit badges that can be hard to come by, in our smaller towns.  Plus, there are lots of good training opportunities available for adult leaders.  I’m looking forward to seeing you there, on January 22nd!

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