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Adobe Walls District Highlights- October 2010

Posted in Adobe Walls by goldenspread on Friday, October 1, 2010


District Chairperson – Joe Hillhouse –

District Commissioner – Rick Jones –

District Executive – Jim Anderson –

October Calendar:

 23 –    Spook-O-Ree

 School Night Recruitments

September was a very busy month!  School recruitments were happening right and left, adult leader training on the weekends, and of course the popcorn kickoff.  Overall I’m pleased to see the great things happening in Adobe Walls.  It was also great to see people come together to accomplish our common goal.  Kudos go out to James Farrer and David Myers in Borger for coming to the rescue one night bringing me some much needed applications for a school night recruitment!  Thanks guys!

Camp MK Brown Spook-O-Ree

I want to encourage everyone to come out and have a good time at this year’s Spook-O-Ree at Camp MK Brown.  The boys will enjoy shooting BB guns and bows and arrows, as well as playing games, painting pumpkins, and exploring the “spook trail”!  This is a big hit every year especially with the cub scouts, so come check it out as a family and have fun!

Adobe Walls training day

So now you’re a leader.  What now?  I am in the process of organizing a training day in Adobe Walls.  I don’t know when it will be yet, but if you or anyone you know might be interested in helping out call Jim Anderson at 664-3085 or email at  I hope to make it fun and entertaining while teaching the leaders what they need to know to be successful,  but I can’t do it without your help!

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Golden Eagle District Highlights- October 2010

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District Chairman:  Greg Wynne,

Amarillo/Canyon District Commissioner: Scott Hollabaugh,

Hereford Area District Commissioner: HS Fuller,

Senior District Executive: George Etier,

October Calendar

7                 Adult Leader Roundtable

14               District Committee Meeting (See New Location Below!)

14               District Commissioners Meeting (See New Location Below!)

21               Eagle Board of Review (See New Location Below!)

 November Calendar

4                Adult Leader Roundtable

11              District Committee Meeting

11               District Commissioners Meeting

18              Eagle Board of Review


Roundtable is the place to learn new skills, get new ideas, interact with your fellow Scouters and have some fun.   Roundtable is part of the Training Continuum…..if you have not completed all the courses to become a TRAINED leader and wear the TRAINED patch on your uniform, come to Roundtable and we will get you started.   Remember:  Every boy deserves a trained leader.

New Location

The new location for the District Committee, District Commissioners and Eagle Boards of Review will be St. Stephens Methodist Church on 45th and Western Street in Amarillo.  The meetings start at 7pm sharp!

Online Training

All of the Cub Scout Leader Specific Training is now available online.   Go to the council website and it will direct you to the online training site.  Be sure to check it out!


Keep selling that Popcorn and don’t forget to turn in your filled sheets for the drawings.  Selling Popcorn is the best way to fund a full year of Scouting.  Be sure to check out all of the Council-wide events, programs, and trainings shown throughout this newsletter.

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Lone Wolf District Highlights- October 2010

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District Chairman- Duwane Skipper-

District Commissioner- Bob Post-

Senior District Executive- Steve Knollenberg-

October Calendar:

2- Lone Wolf Golf Tournament, Sunset Hills GC, Guymon, OK.

9- District Training Day

14- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

16- JOTA, Jamboree On The Air, Guymon, OK.

22- Popcorn orders due at Council Service Center by 5 p.m.

November Calendar:

6- Popcorn pick up day in Dalhart, Perryton, and Guymon

11- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

20- District Banquet, Spearman, TX.

Leader meetings

There will be no adult leaders meetings, in October.  The next scheduled meetings will be in December.

Popcorn Sales

Our annual popcorn sales campaign underway.  Popcorn sales orders are due at the Council Service Center, in Amarillo, on Friday, October 22nd, by 5:00 p.m.  Popcorn pickup day will be Saturday, November 6th, and delivery points will be in Dalhart, Perryton and Guymon, again this year.  More information, forms and excellent sales resources can be found online at:

Our annual, council-wide Popcorn Sale is a great way to fund your unit’s program activities for the next year!  As you well know, it costs money to operate a unit and provide your scouts with quality, fun-filled program activities.  Quality program activities make it easier to recruit new members and their parents, and help you retain the members you already have.  Trails End popcorn is a quality product with national brand recognition, and outstanding promotional materials and recognition items.  It is the ‘gold standard’ for fund raising projects for Cubs, Boy Scouts and Venturers.  Please join us in this year’s sale; It’s simple, It’s fun and It’s profitable.

School Night for Scouting

Our District’s recruiting efforts for this year are still underway.  As you continue to sign up new scouts we need to make every effort to get their applications turned in quickly.  Recharter time is rapidly approaching and we want all the new boys & leaders entered into ScoutNet, before we do the production run of the recharter packets.  One of the benefits to you is that you won’t have to enter the new recruits yourself, during the online recharter process.

Unit Recharters

Unit recharter time is almost upon us.  All of our unit charters expire on December 31, 2010.  We need to have the rechartering process completed by December 15, 2010.  This allows our Council staff adequate time to correct any errors, or help you with online procedural questions.  We are utilizing online rechartering again this year.  This is our sixth year to do a portion of the recharter via the Internet.

What does your unit need to be doing to get ready?

  • Complete any applications for any new Scouts, or leaders, and submit them, along with the required registration and Boy’s Life fees, to the Council Office, now.  This will save you from having to manually enter new members and leaders during online rechartering.
  • All applications for membership need to be complete: all birthdays, Social Security numbers and drivers license numbers filled in, all signature blocks signed (this includes unit Committee Chair and Chartered Organization Head or Representative’s approval signatures for all adults, and Authorization for Background Check) and application dates.
  • Recruit/designate one adult leader from your unit to complete the online recharter portion of the process.
  • Remember, rechartering is not complete until all paperwork and fees have been received by the Council Office!

Please note that the National Council has raised the membership fee to $15, effective January 1, 2010.  Don’t forget about the $1 mandatory insurance fee for each paid adult and youth.  Recharter packets for your Unit will be distributed during the month of November.

District Award of Merit and Council Silver Beaver Award Nominations

Now is the time to be thinking about which of our fellow volunteer Scouters to honor with this year’s District Award of Merit, and the Council Silver Beaver Award.  These two honors are the highest awards that our District and our Council can bestow upon on our fellow Scouters, for service to youth.  Please take a moment and go here:

and here:  to review the qualifications for, and to download the appropriate nomination forms.  Nominations for the District Award of Merit are due to Steve no later than Monday, November 1, 2010.  Nominations for the Council Silver Beaver Award are due no later than December 15, 2010.

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Quanah Parker District Highlights- October 2010

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District Chairperson – KC Hamill-  (806) 570-3744 (cell)

District Commissioner – Katie Loyall               (806) 220-9693 (cell)

District Executive – Pablo Rueda- 806- 679-6073

October Calendar

7      Adult Leader Roundtable

12    Key Three Meeting

14    District Committee Meeting

14    District Commissioners meeting

Adult Leader Roundtable

When? Thursday, October 7 @ 7:00 pm

Where? American Legion

              617 SW 7TH Ave

              Amarillo, TX 79101

Roundtable training is an important asset to any leader or parent!

Come learn and share ideas with your peers in the district.

This is a monthly get-together of all leaders, Assistants, Committee Members, and involved parents. Leaders who want to help their Unit Committee get the best resources, activities, and up to date information on upcoming events in the district and council.

Roundtable also enables and motivates leaders to deliver an outstanding program to their units. The district believes strongly that all of Quanah Parker’s leaders should start participating in roundtable in order to deliver a stronger program for our scouts.


Every Scout Deserves a Trained Adult Leader! Very soon any unit that does not have trained adult leaders will not be able to recharter. When you are trained it makes it alot easier for you to get involved and do things right; and the boys get a better program and a better experience. Therefore this 2010, the Golden Spread Council’s goal is to have 100% leaders trained in all districts. If your unit has changed Cubmaster or Scoutmaster, or has new parents involved, they should get training right away! All the necessary training is online at If you need your Scouting ID in order to log in, please feel free to contact the Scout Office at (806) 358-6500 and ask any of the staff. Also, there will be additional training during the year so pay attention for dates and sign up. If for some reason you and your leaders cannot come to training, call Katie Loyall at 806-220-9693 and let her know. Katie along with the QP Unit Commissioners will come to you and train everybody. Don’t let this drag for too long, get TRAINED!!

Important notice: Please make sure you log on your Scouting ID after taking the on-line training otherwise your training progress might not get registered in the system. Logging  on with your Scouting ID allows the system to track your training progress.

District Executive

Our district leaders are excited to create the foundation for a quality district!

In order to have a quality district we need to continue developing quality programs for our boys within our units. During this recruitment time, we put a great effort in reaching as many boys as possible within our district with hopes of getting them involved in Scouting. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for our unit leaders to attend and help develop our District Roundtable, as well as the other training being provided. We all agree that training will contribute to improve our program.  One of the areas we can control is our programs, and we believe it always makes a difference!

I would like to thank all the units who attended the Quanah Parker Family Campout.  The Quanah Parker Family Campout was a success thanks to Tyger Mitchell and the committee he organized for this event & ensured that all units would enjoy a great camping experience. Special thanks to Katie and James Loyall, Gemma Mitchell, Jared Read, Ray Lafferty, Joni Mickna and Scott Drdul.  It is important to recognize the great effort and time our Committee Chair members as well as Unit Commissioners are putting into helping achieve our goals as a district.  They are taking the initiative of going to different units to provide YPT training and they are encouraging our units to prosper. Thanks to our membership chairman Gemma Mitchell for putting a great amount of time and effort to help our district during this recruitment time.

Many Thanks,

Pablo Rueda

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Santa Fe District Highlights- October 2010

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District Chairperson– LH Webb-

District Commissioner– Michael Stavenhagen-

District Executive– Gaylyne Manns-

October Calendar

12      District Meeting

23     Spook-O-Ree MKB

Effective June 1, 2010, the following YPT policy took affect:

Just a reminder to make sure all adults who are on your roster and any new adults you may be adding, all have completed Youth Protection Training.  New Adults must complete this training on line before turning in their adult application for processing. 


Boy Scout Popcorn is ON!!!! Every unit should be selling.  I know I’m excited about the Marshmallow Cross Bow.  Every boys goal should be at least $600.00 to receive the cross bow.


Early bird dead line to sign up for S-O-R is Tuesday, October 5th.  You must sign-up online this year and you can even pay online if you wish.  If any troops are available to help out, we have several openings that need to be filled.


Most units/schools have a completed recruitment but we still have about 50 boys that need to be recruited to be ahead of last year’s membership.  I have talked to some schools about a second recruitment so lets all plan on doing that.  Some parents needs to be asked/reminded several times before they actually sign up their boys.  Also, now is a great time for troops to recruit 6th and 7th graders.  I can help do that, just let me know.

Thanks for everyone’s commitment in Scouting, and Sell Sell Sell Popcorn!

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Venturing District Highlights- October 2010

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District Executive:                Brad Drozell

October Calandar

No events scheduled


Do you know what COPE is all about?  Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience or C.O.P.E. is the challenge course (ropes course) program of the Boy Scouts of America. COPE is a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges facilitated by trained staff directed at enhancing personal growth. If you think you would like to know more, please contact Brad Drozell at 358-6500 or

Scholarship Opportunities

If you have questions about such opportunities, please contact Brad Drozell (Venturing Division) at the Scout Service Center 358-6500.

Venture Crew Meetings

If you would like to be involved with more than one crew, attend one of these meetings to check out what all Venturing has to offer! Remember to bring a friend! Boys and girls are welcome, ages 14-20.
2009- Kwahadi Dancers- Contact Charles Ritchie for information, (806) 353-1505.
2012- Shooting Crew-Contact Bob Altman for more information, (806) 358-6500.
2072- Comanche Trail Church of Christ Youth Group-Contact Derek Chance for more information, (806) 457-8054.
2094-High Adventure Crew-Contact Chuck Freas for more information, (806) 358-6500
2510- City Church Climbing Crew-Contact Chad Clement for more information, (806) 517-1379.***If you would like more information about your crew in the Venturing section of the newsletter: success stories, advancement progress, etc., contact Brad Drozell (806) 358-6500. 


Adult Leadership Training will be held by request, so if you need Venturing Youth Protection or Venturing Leader Specific please contact Brad Drozell (806) 358-6500 or

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Council Highlights- October 2010

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New Council Scout Executive

The Golden Spread Council is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Scout Executive, Andy Price.  Andy is currently the Director of Field Service for the Northeast George Council.  He will assume his new duties here on October 16th, 2010.  We warmly welcome Andy and his wife Renee to the Golden Spread Council family. 

Youth Protection Training BSA Policy Change

To increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already exists today in Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America is implementing several important changes to further enhance its Youth Protection policies.

Effective June 1, 2010, the following YPT policy took affect:

1.  YPT is required for all registered leaders.

2.  New Leaders are required to take YPT before they submit their application for registration.  The certificate of completion  must be submitted at the time application is made and before volunteer service with youth begins.

3.  YPT must be taken every two years.  If a volunteer’s YPT record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteers will not be registered.

To ensure these policies are fully implemented, please take the following steps:

* If you have not taken YPT within the last two years, log on to and take the training.  You will need your membership number located on your BSA Membership Card.  Call the Scout office if you don’t have it.

*If you have taken YPT on-line but did not input your membership number, log back on to the Training section of and input your member ID so the training will be linked with your records.

*  If you have taken YPT within the past two years but did not take it online, log in to to ensure your records are up to date, or contact the Scout Office and have us verify that your YPT records are accurate.

*  Finally, please share this information with all of your registered adults.

Youth Protection Training is available online at

2010 Popcorn Sale

Attention all 2010 Popcorn selling units-Your unit’s Popcorn kernel must send their email address and their physical address to Pat here at the scout office via  in order for your unit to be properly setup into the Trails-End Popcorn Sales system.  This should be done as soon as possible.

Also, Scout leaders don’t forget to have your scouts bring in or fax (358-7470) to the scout office a copy of their full popcorn order sheets so they will be entered into the drawing to win an Apple I-Pod Touch 8 GB system that the council will be giving away at the conclusion of this year’s sale. 

Also, please encourage your scouts to become members of the $600 sales club. Remind them that if they sell $600 or more they will receive a marshmallow crossbow and will be invited to an exclusive swim and pizza party at the WTAMU swimming center in January 2011.

Leaders please encourage your Scouts to knock on more neighborhood doors this year!  The Trails-End Popcorn Company has done extensive research that shows that less than 20% of all US households have ever been asked to buy Scout Popcorn and that when asked 80% of consumers will buy Popcorn from a Scout.

Unit Kernels, this is a reminder to submit the following popcorn sale forms to the council office by Friday, October 22.

  1. Unit Order and Settlement form
  2. Unit Scout Rewards order form
  3. Unit Master records form-top copy only
  4. Unit Top sellers Form

For additional popcorn sales forms, or for more popcorn sales information, please go to the council website, and click on the popcorn information link.

Please call Bob or Pat 806-358-6500 if you have any 2010 Popcorn Sale questions!

Are you a Trained Leader? 

The BSA has mandated that each Council has 100 percent of its Top Leaders~~ Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and Venture Crew Leader~~ fully trained.  We will be offering many training opportunities to get you trained and all those dates are on the Council Calendar and on the Training page on our web site.  What we have found however, is that many leaders do not have the basic training which includes Youth Protection (good for two years only), Fast Start, and This is Scouting all which can be done on-line in the comfort of your home.  All you need is your BSA membership Card (you will need the ID number) and a computer with Internet.  If you know someone who needs the training and doesn’t have a computer or internet access, let them know we have set up a computer at the Scout Office to be used by any volunteer who needs to take on-line course.  If you can’t locate your card, please call the office at 806-358-6500 and Stephen can give you your ID number.  Please take care of your training requirements now.  Remember that “Every Boy Deserves a Trained Leader”-are you a Trained Leader? 

On-Line Training Link 

Cub Scouts 2010

Cub Scouts 2010 is a new delivery system for the Cub Scout program.  This is a proven method of delivering the existing Cub Scout program that is handbook-based and focuses on den activities leading to youth advancement and retention.  The change in delivery method focuses on den leaders, meeting plans, and training to conduct highly effective den and pack meetings.  Advancement occurs in the den as a natural part of the planned program.  For more information, please visit the link below.

Cub Scouts 2010 

Wild Turkey Federation

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is calling on America’s Boy Scouts to prove their proficiency in wildlife management, recreational shooting and hunting knowledge. The NWTF Conservation Challenge Badge is a five-part process where Scouts receive a piece of the badge at the completion of each step: archery, shotgun shooting, rifle shooting, fish and wildlife management, and their state’s hunter education certification. And just like every other Boy Scout Merit Badge, it has to be earned. We’re not talking simple multiple-choice tests here. It’s about elbow grease and skill mastery. It’s about creating young hunters and conservationists.

Challenge: It’s in the badge’s name, so it won’t be easy. Who’s up for it?

A Conservation Challenge rocker tops off the six-piece badge. Scouts receive the rocker when they earn any one part of the badge.



• discover the purpose of fish and wildlife conservation and management.

• research the problems that threaten wildlife in his state and what wildlife managers are doing about them.

• realize what everyday people can do to help with the conservation effort.

• choose from projects that cover wildlife habitat improvement, wildlife observation and fish studies.

• learn about careers in wildlife management.



• learn about firearm safety, the importance of wearing eye and hearing protection when shooting, gun ownership laws, hunting laws and how hunting is related to the wise use of renewable wildlife resources.

• demonstrate proficiency in safely handling, shooting and cleaning a modern rifle, air rifle or muzzle-loading rifle.



• learn about firearm safety, the importance of wearing eye and hearing protection when shooting, gun ownership laws, hunting laws and how hunting is related to the wise use of renewable wildlife resources.

• demonstrate proficiency in safely handling, shooting and cleaning a modern shotgun or muzzle-loading shotgun.


BADGE, Scouts:

• learn about range safety and his state’s laws on owning and using archery tackle.

• identify types of arrows and the various parts of arrows.

• make a complete arrow from a bare shaft, as well as a bowstring.

• will be able to explain various aspects of archery equipment and how competitive archery is scored.

• demonstrate proficiency in shooting either a recurve bow, longbow or compound bow.

Scouts must pass their state’s hunter education test to earn this portion of the badge.

For more information on this program please contact Sam McDuffie (803)637- 7626 or e-mail at

Order of the Arrow News

The Nischa Achowalogen lodge has been very busy taking care of Camp Don, updating the lodge web page and electing new officers. During the summer ordeal weekend in August lodge members and elected OA candidates completed numerous work projects. The trees between the dinning hall and the parking lot were trimmed. Brush was cleared and trees trimmed from the COPE course. Flagstone walkways were laid in front of the admin building and the bath house. A water line was repaired and trash was picked up. The camp looked awesome when the work was completed.

Along with taking care of the camp there was time to celebrate. Brothers Taos A, Jessie N, Kyle C, and George E were bestowed the Vigil honor. Three members were accepted into brotherhood and 42 were accepted as ordeal members. Congratulations to one and all.

Elections were held at the Sunday LEC meeting and upcoming calendar events were discussed. The 2011 officers elect are as follows: Taos A-Lodge Chief, Caleb H Vise Chief of Service, Omar M-Vise Chief of Activities, James G-Vice Chief of Ceremonies, Andrew V-Vice Chief of Communications, Dylan W-Treasure, and Nate H-Secretary. Everyone was reminded to make plans to attend Fall Fellowship November 13.

Please visite the lodge website at  The lodge website has been completely updated, complete with a new google calendar and chapter pages. We are also on Facebook at 

Cub Scout Specifics Training Now On-Line

It’s finally here!  Cub Scout Leader Position Specifics Training is now available on-line.  Please visit the link below to take the course you need to become a trained leader.

E-Training Link

2010 Spook-O-Ree

(Note :Early bird Fee deadline is October 5th)

The 2010 Spook-O-Ree is in full planning and we are excited to launch a brand new on-line registration and payment system.  This will make is much easier for the unit leader who previously had to write everything down and bring it to the office.  Now, you do everything from the comfort of your own home or office.  Payments can be made on-line OR in person at the Scout Office or you can mail it in.  Please visit the links below for all the information.  If you need additional help, go to

Info Flyer


Sign Up link


Academic Spotlight information

Do you know of a high school or college student who deserves kudos for academic achievement, an outstanding performance on stage or for extraordinary leadership in a student club or community organization?

We want to know about students’ achievements in academics, the arts, student clubs and organizations and their efforts to help the community. Consider nominating worthy students to Academic Spotlight. The program is open to all high school students in the Panhandle, including those who attend public, private or home school.

To nominate someone for Academic Spotlight, complete the following form in a few short sentences.

From the nominator:


How are you associated with the student:

Reason for nominating student:

Why does this student stand out:

Contact information:

From the student:

Name, age, grade of student:



Contact information:

What is your biggest achievement:

What is your secret to success:

Tell about your favorite subject and why:

Please list your current involvement in the community or school:

How do you stay motivated in school:

What are your plans and goals after graduation:

What is your best-kept secret or hidden talent:

What are your favorites (Include two or three, such as books, music, movies, food, hobbies):

Please send the completed form and a photo of the student to one of the following:

By e-mail:

By Mail:

Academic Spotlight

Amarillo Globe-News

900 S. Harrison

Amarillo, TX 79101

By Fax:

(806) 373-0810

2012 High Adventure Opportunities

We have requested a Council Contingent for the Florida Sea Base in 2012 and Philmont Scout Ranch in 2012.   We have not received conformation yet but we expect positive consideration.  If your Troop might be interested in taking a Trek and would like more information, please stop by and visit with Scott as he has all the information you will need to make a decision. 

Philmont 2011

Troop 73 has made arrangements for a Trek at Philmont in 2011 and they have additional openings for Boy Scouts and adult leaders.  If you are interested in going on a trek in 2011, please call Joni Mickna at 806-674-7040 to get all the information regarding dates, fees etc.

Unique Scout Service Hour Project

“Wreaths Across America” is a nationwide project that is being spearheaded locally by the Civil Air Patrol and Llano Cemetary.  There are several hundred wreaths to be laid on veterans gravesites at the Llano Cemetary on November 11, 2010 at 11am.

If you would like to be involved by helping in putting down wreaths, you can contact  Marion at 236-4638. The link for this project is

Flag Retirement Ceremony 

A Flag Retirement Ceremony will be held at Lake Meredith Amphitheater on October 2 (CHANGED FROM AUG 28) @ 7pm.  On Saturday August 28, 2010 at 7pm, Borger Boy Scout Troops 560 and 507 will be holding a public flag retirement ceremony at Lake Meredith Amphitheater (adjacent to the Fritch Fortress camping area).  The ceremony is free and all are welcome to attend.  Any scouts wishing to help retire flags are welcome, please come about a half hour early for instructions. 

The ceremony will last about one hour, and we have about 200 flags left over from last year’s ceremony.  No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; The Flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.  The gromments that are left after retiring the flags will be saved as tokens of remembrance.  

If you have flags that you would like to have us retire, please arrange a drop off by calling James Farrer at 806-553-5859.  If you would like to have a flag retired in honor of someone who has served in the armed forces please contact James Farrer.  If you are a life scout and would like to organize the ceremony for your Eagle project, please contact James Farrer.   If you need further directions to Lake Meredith Amphitheater, please contact them at 806-857-3151 

2010 Woodbadge Reunion (Sign-up date extended)

If you are interested in attending the Woodbadge Reunion scheduled for October 10, 201 at Camp Don and haven’t signed up yet, don’t fret ! We have extended the registration date to October 4th close of business!  For more information, please visit the link below.

Woodbadge Reunion Flyer


Philmont Opportunities

To some the fall is the most beautiful time of the year at Philmont. Don’t be a stranger, for just $40/day, come witness the golden aspens, wildlife and excellent Philmont terrain on an Autumn Adventure trek! We welcome traditional youth groups as well as all adult groups.

In just a few months Philmont will complete it’s annual transformation into a pristine winter wonderland. Winter brings a wide range of exciting activities to the Ranch. For $100/weekend or $50/day your group and guide may find yourselves snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or even constructing a snow-shelter to spend the night in.  Contact Philmont at 575-376-2281 for more information.

Campmaster Training Now On-Line 

Are you interested in spending a weekend at Camp Don and staying in the new Campmaster Building?  If so, why not join the Campmaster Corps.  Duties including checking in units, making sure they are settled in their campsites, giving advice on how to properly use our equipment and facilities and checking them out upon departure.  This is a great opportunity to help units grow in the camping program and enjoy a weekend at camp.   Training is now on-line!.  Go to the link below, take the training and then call the Ranger to set up a date and time so he can show you where the utilities connections are at Camp and all the other things you need to know.  Once that is completed, we will add you to the list of Campmaster!  We are desperate for more Campmasters- please contact Scott ASAP to discuss this great opportunity!!

Campmaster Training Link 

Department fo Justice Red Ribbon Week Boy Scout Patch Initiative

The Red Ribbon Week was established in memory of the sacrifices made to help keep our youth drug free but to also celebrate the possibilities of a drug-free life.  This week is observed from October 23 to October 31 and is a national celebration promoting youth education on the dangers of substance abuse. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) along with over 5,000 Scouts have historically joined with DEA in sharing with other youth and members in their respective communities the drug-free message of Red Ribbon Week.  To help, the DEA has designed and will make available 15,000 patches for interested Scouting Units.  Troop Leaders interested in securing a patch for their Scouts can find out more information about the red Ribbon Week Boy Scout Patch initiative by following the link below.

Get Smart About Drugs Link


Merit Badge Counselor Registration 

If you are a current registered Merit Badge Counselor, you must recertify every year.  It’s a simple process but must be done now.  Please click on the link below, complete and print the forms and send it to the office.  If you wish to be a Merit Badge Counselor, you must complete an Adult Registration Form and the form linked below.  There is no charge to be a Counselor. 

Merit Badge Form 

Autism and the BSA


I am an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 1 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As part of my Woodbadge Ticket I created a website with information pertaining to Autism and the Boy Scouts of America. The site is designed to give parents of autistic children information about the BSA and it’s possible benefit for their child and to give Scout leaders some information about autism so they can better help any autistic scouts in their unit.

The page url is:

Yours in Scouting

Scott Stapleton

Troop 1 Tulsa, Indian Nations Council

Woodbadge SR-1014 (Go OWLS!)

Air Force Scout Football Day

The members of the Golden Spread Council are invited to the Air Force Academy’s 2010 Scout Day which will be held October 30th at the Air Force vs. Utah football game.  Tickets will be $10 for all Scouts and their families which includes a $5 concession voucher.  After the game, scouts and their families are invited to camp next to Falcon Stadium.  For more information, please contact Alex Yack, Intern Assistant for Marketing for Air Force Athletics at 1. 719.333.2122.

Camp Don Harrington Use Policy Changes

Effective July 1, 2010, there was be some changes to the use policy for Camp Don.  Deposits will be required for the use of any facility/campground at a cost of $50.00 each.  Units may give us a check (that we will NOT cash) or use unit funds that we hold to cover this deposit.  We will not CASH the check nor debit your unit account as long as you leave the facility/campground in the condition that you found it in.  You must check in and out with the Campmaster/Ranger to ensure you both agree on the cleanliness of the area.  In addition, we have implemented a usage fee on some facilities to over the costs of incidentals.  The Shooting Ranges, Pool, Dining Hall, and Kitchen all now have a usage fees.  The ranges have actually had a fee for over a year now.  There is NO fee to camp at Camp Don- only if you use the facilities listed above.  The final change is who can actually use the camp.  We have determined that we have a huge liability if we allow outside groups to use camp for any reason other than a scouting event or activity.  There are exceptions however, to this part of the policy change.  If it’s in the best interest of the Council to allow a group access to Camp Don that decision can be made only by the Scout Executive, Assistant Scout Executive and/or Program Director and only after discussion by these three principals.

Hockey and Scouts

The Amarillo Bulls Hockey Team invite all Scouts to their first “Scout Night” of the season.  Information on tickets can be found at the link below.

Bulls Flyer

2011 Merit Badge University

Although several months away, planning has already begun for the 2011 MBU.  We know it will be held on January 22nd, 2011 and we know it will be held at WT A & M University in Canyon, Texas.  Mark your calendars for this date and start talking about it with your Scouts.  More information will be made available in November!

Memorials and Tributes

None this month

Eagle Scouts

First Name Initial Last Name City Troop District
R Appel Amarillo T-94 GE
J Ballard Amarillo T-94 GE
D Benson Amarillo C-2087 GE
O Boyd Pampa T-413 AW
J Brandherm Guymon T-160 LW
Brockman Hereford T-50 GE
T Brown Amarillo T-87 FE
T Case Groom T-501 AW
C Cooksey Amarillo T-87 GE
K Corder Amarillo T-97 GE
Cutright Amarillo T-80 GE
M Dryden Amarillo T-80 GE
Dugie Amarillo T- 87 GE
Z Fick Texhoma T-142 LW
D Floyd Guymon T-160 LW
A Gipson Amarillo T-86 GE
K Glover Amarillo T-94 GE
S Grigsby Amarillo T-94 GE
C Hall Amarillo T-79 GE
R Hinckley Amarillo T-94 GE
J Horton Wheeler T-472 AW
House Hooker T-264 LW
L Jarvis Amarillo T-98 GE
L Jarvis Amarillo T-98 GE
J Johnston Amarillo T-124 GE
D Kelley Amarillo C-2087 GE
Law Amarillo T-87 GE
Q McElwain Amarillo T-79 GE
McElwain Amarillo T-79 GE
R Moats Claude T-80 GE
D Myers Amarillo T- 87 GE
J Oliver Amarillo T-94 GE
C Pullen Amarillo T-98 GE
L Quintana Guymon T-142 LW
J Ray Canyon T-31 GE
M Rodriguez Canyon T- 4 GE
J Shehan Canyon T-31 GE
Sirmon Amarillo T-86 GE
Standish Amarillo T-80 GE
Tillery Amarillo T-80 GE
T Vernon Perryton T-256 LW
K Walsh Amarillo Crew 2087 GE
C Weiss Panhandle T-501 AW

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