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Adobe Walls District Highlights- August 2010

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District Chairperson – Joe Hillhouse –

District Commissioner – Rick Jones –

District Executive – Jim Anderson –

August Calendar:

14th – Program Kickoff (801 Tascosa Rd. Amarillo, TX)

14th – Top O Texas Rodeo Parade

20-21st – Sporting Clay Shoot (Camp Don Harrington)

Program Kickoff

This is a very important event in the council.  We will provide adult leaders with valuable information and resources to use in the upcoming year.  We are encouraging as many adult leaders as possible from every unit to attend this event.  After participating in the program kickoff, leaders will be better prepared and more equipped to grow their units this year.  We need at least ONE representative from every pack and troop to attend, but more is better.

Top O Texas Rodeo Parade

The scouts of Pampa were asked to be the honorary parade marshals to help celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Scouting.  This means as people line the streets to view the parade, the scouts of Pampa will be the first thing people see!  What a great way to celebrate a hundred year tradition! If any pack or troop from Pampa is interested in participating, contact Jeremy Gooch of Troop 401.

Sporting Clay Shoot

It’s that time of year again! Time to show off your shooting skills at our annual clay shoot.  It will be held Friday August 20th and Saturday the 21st at Camp Don Harrington.  There will be prizes and giveaways as well as an auction Saturday night.  Come out, have a great time, and show off your skills!

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Golden Eagle District Highlight- August 2010

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District Chairman:  Greg Wynne,

Amarillo/Canyon District Commissioner: Scott Hollabaugh,

Hereford Area District Commissioner: HS Fuller,

District Executive: George Etier,

August Calendar

5                   Cub Scout Leaders and Boy Scout Leaders Roundtables, St.  Thomas Church

12                District Committee Meeting – Council Service Center

12                District Commissioners Meeting – Council Service Center

September Calendar

2                  Cub Scout Leaders and  Boy Scout Leaders Roundtables, St. Thomas Church

9                  District Committee Meeting – Council Service Center

9                  District Commissioners Meeting – Council Service Center

16               Eagle Board of Review – Council Service Center

18                University of WOW – Cub and Boy Scout Leader Training

25               Baloo Training

26               Trailblazer Day

Program Preview

Make plans to attend the  Program Preview on the 14th  at the Church at Quail Creek located on Tascosa Rd, just past the Council Service Center.   We hope to see you there!


 Every Scout deserves a Trained Leader!  Don’t miss the University of WOW to be held in September, various training courses for Cub Scout Leaders, Boy Scout Adult Leaders and Boy Scout Youth Leaders will be available.


Be sure to attend the Program Preview, specific training and resources will be available to help you make this year’s fall recruitment, the best it has ever been.

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Lone Wolf District Highlights- August 2010

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District Chairman- Duwane Skipper-

District Commissioner- Bob Post-

District Executive- Steve Knollenberg-

August Calendar:

7- Scout Shop closed

12- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

14- Scout Shop closed

14- Program Preview Kickoff & School Night Orientation meeting, Amarillo, TX.

17- Adult Leader meeting, Guymon, 7:00 p.m., Victory Memorial UMC, Guymon, OK.

21-Scout Shop closed

21- Lone Wolf District Golf Tournament, Sunset Hills GC, Guymon, OK.

20-21- Sporting Clays Tournament, Camp Don Harrington, Amarillo, TX

24- Adult Leader meeting, Perryton, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Perryton, TX.

26- Adult Leader meeting, Dalhart, 7:00 p.m., Central UMC, Dalhart, TX.

27-29- O.A. Summer Ordeal, Camp Don Harrington

September Calendar:

4- Scout Shop closed

6- Scout Service Center & Scout Shop closed for Labor Day

9- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

11- Popcorn Kickoff meeting, Amarillo, TX.

25-26- District Camporee, location TBA

25- Popcorn Sale starts

Dalhart Cub Scout Day Camp was a Blast

The Dalhart Cub Day Camp was, once again, a great activity for our kids.  All of the Cubs in attendance had a blast!  Thank you to Packs 46, 146 & 39, and to all the adult volunteers for putting on a great camp!  You guys did amazing things for your kids, in Dalhart!

2010-2011 Program Kick-off and School Night Orientation meeting

Mark your calendars, for August 14th.  We have planned the 2010-2011 Golden Spread Council Program Preview Kick-Off, and School Night Orientation meeting, and we would like to have ALL adult leaders attend.  At a minimum, you should have one leader from your unit in attendance.  You will receive information on all of the upcoming district and council Programs, Fall Recruiting, Popcorn, Trainings, Camps, etc. and you will participate in a time saving and very useful calendar planning session.  When you leave, you will have planned your unit’s activities for the next year!

This year’s event will be held:

Saturday, August 14th from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
The Church at Quail Creek, 801 Tascosa Rd, Amarillo.

There is no fee to attend and a free lunch will be provided.

We ask that all attending RSVP to the Scout Office at 806-358- 6500 no later than August 3rd, 2010 .

Please plan on attending – it will get your Scouting year off to a great start!

August Leader meetings

The upcoming August Leader meetings are extremely important to you as leaders and critical to the health and success of your units.  Each Unit should be represented by at least one leader.  We will be going over 2010-2011 Program Planning material, Back to the Pack meetings, upcoming training opportunities, School Night planning, program delivery changes for Cub Scouts, and the 2010 Popcorn Sale.  Plan to attend; to not only learn about what’s going on in Scouting in our District and Council, but to share your ideas and experiences, so we can provide the best of the Scouting program to our kids!  The dates, times and locations of our meetings are listed in the calendar section, above.  Choose the location and date that is most convenient for you! 

Popcorn Sale Popcorn Kernels for 2010

Summer will be over before we know it, and this year’s Popcorn sale is right around the corner!  Linda Cummings is our District Kernel, again this year.  Has your unit recruited its 2010 Popcorn Kernel?  Please let Linda, or Steve know who will be representing your unit for this year’s sale.  Contact Linda at:, or 806-659-3942, or Steve at:, or 580-651-2615.  For more information on this year’s sale, please click here:

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Quanah Parker District Highlights- August 2010

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District Chairperson – KC Hamill-  (806) 570-3744 (cell)

District Commissioner – Katie Loyall               (806) 220-9693 (cell)

District Executive – Pablo Rueda- 806- 679-6073

August Calendar:

5- Adult Leader Roundtable

12- District Committee Meeting

12- District Commissioners Meeting

12-  District Open House

19- Eagle Board of Review

28- Cub Scout and Boy Scout Leader Specific Training

Program Preview and School Night Orientation

This important event is being held on August 14th from 9am to Noon at The Church at Quail Creek located at 801 Tascosa Rd.  All units are expected to attend.  This event will showcase the 2010-2011 Program and explain how the School Night Plan will work.  I look forward to seeing you there!.

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Santa Fe District Highlights- August 2010

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District Chairperson– LH Webb-

District Commissioner– Michael Stavenhagen-

District Executive– Gaylyne Manns-


August 14 – Program Preview Kickoff/School Night Orientation

Mark your calendars and make sure that your unit is represented at the 2010-2011 Program Preview Meeting. Your unit will receive information on all of the upcoming programs, fall recruiting, trainings, camps, activities, the 2010-2011 Council Calendar and so much more.  This year’s event will be:

Saturday, August 14th from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

The Church at Quail Creek, 801 Tascosa Rd, Amarillo.

There is no fee to attend and a free lunch will be provided.

We ask that all attending RSVP to the Scout Office at 806-358- 6500 no later than August 3rd

Effective June 1, 2010, the following YPT policy took affect:

YPT is required for all registered leaders.  New Leaders are required to take YPT before they submit their application for registration.   YPT must be taken every two years.  If a volunteer’s YPT record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteers will not be registered.  Please share this information with all of your registered adults.Youth Protection Training is available online at

School Night Recruiting

Almost time for school to start.  I will be contacting each unit leader for scheduling recruiting for cub scouts.  Please try to have a Tuesday or Thursday date in September that is good for you to do the Parent Night.  Learn more at the Program Kickoff.

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Venturing District Highlights- August 2010

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District Executive:                Brad Drozell



Do you know what COPE is all about?  Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience or C.O.P.E. is the challenge course (ropes course) program of the Boy Scouts of America. COPE is a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges facilitated by trained staff directed at enhancing personal growth. If you think you would like to know more, please contact Brad Drozell at 358-6500 or

Scholarship Opportunities

If you have questions about such opportunities, please contact Brad Drozell (Venturing Division) at the Scout Service Center 358-6500.

Venture Crew Meetings

If you would like to be involved with more than one crew, attend one of these meetings to check out what all Venturing has to offer! Remember to bring a friend! Boys and girls are welcome, ages 14-20.
2009- Kwahadi Dancers- Contact Charles Ritchie for information, (806) 353-1505.
2012- Shooting Crew-Contact Bob Altman for more information, (806) 358-6500.
2072- Comanche Trail Church of Christ Youth Group-Contact Derek Chance for more information, (806) 457-8054.
2094-High Adventure Crew-Contact Chuck Freas for more information, (806) 358-6500
2510- City Church Climbing Crew-Contact Chad Clement for more information, (806) 517-1379.***If you would like more information about your crew in the Venturing section of the newsletter: success stories, advancement progress, etc., contact Brad Drozell (806) 358-6500. 


Adult Leadership Training will be held by request, so if you need Venturing Youth Protection or Venturing Leader Specific please contact Brad Drozell (806) 358-6500 or

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Council Highlights- August 2010

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Scout Executive Promoted

Our current Scout Executive, Brick Huffman was recently selected to become an Area Director based out of Kansas City.  Brick has been at the helm of this council since 2005.  Since arriving, he has seen the development of many new facilities and improvements at Camp Don and Camp MK Brown and has assisted in the kickoff of the Council’s 5 million dollar Capitol Campaign to replace the Dining Hall at Camp Don and to replace the Scout Service Center that will highlight new Volunteer Training/Meeting areas and a larger Scout Shop.  Brick is a true leader and visionary and we all wish him and Marti the best of luck.

100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership Winner

During this year, members were asked to nominate a Scout or Scouter who has made an impact on them during their Scouting experience.  This council had many nominees that were forwarded to the National Council for review by a team of volunteer Scouters.  One nominee from each Boy Scouts of America Council was chosen to be inducted into the National Hall of Leadership which is a huge honor.  The Golden Spread Council is proud to announce that Mr Paul Harpole, Vice President of Properties, was selected as our Councils inductee.  “Paul represents all that we hold up to the youth we serve- dedication, perseverance and personal character” said Brick Huffman, Scout Executive.  When you see Paul, shake his hand and say congratulations– he truly deserves this high honor!

Youth Protection Training BSA Policy Change

To increase awareness of this societal problem and to create even greater barriers to abuse than already exists today in Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America is implementing several important changes to further enhance its Youth Protection policies.

Effective June 1, 2010, the following YPT policy took affect:

1.  YPT is required for all registered leaders.

2.  New Leaders are required to take YPT before they submit their application for registration.  The certificate of completion  must be submitted at the time application is made and before volunteer service with youth begins.

3.  YPT must be taken every two years.  If a volunteer’s YPT record is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteers will not be registered.

To ensure these policies are fully implemented, please take the following steps:

* If you have not taken YPT within the last two years, log on to and take the training.  You will need your membership number located on your BSA Membership Card.  Call the Scout office if you don’t have it.

*If you have taken YPT on-line but did not input your membership number, log back on to the Training section of and input your member ID so the training will be linked with your records.

*  If you have taken YPT within the past two years but did not take it online, log in to to ensure your records are up to date, or contact the Scout Office and have us verify that your YPT records are accurate.

*  Finally, please share this information with all of your registered adults.

Youth Protection Training is available online at

Are you a Trained Leader? 

The BSA has mandated that each Council has 100 percent of its Top Leaders~~ Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and Venture Crew Leader~~ fully trained this year.  We will be offering many training opportunities to get you trained and once the 2010-2011 calendar is published in August, you will see even more training opportunities.  What we have found however, is that many leaders do not have the basic training which includes Youth Protection (good for two years only), Fast Start, and This is Scouting all which can be done on-line in the comfort of your home.  All you need is your BSA membership Card (you will need the ID number) and a computer with Internet.  If you know someone who needs the training and doesn’t have a computer or internet access, let them know we have set up a computer at the Scout Office to be used by any volunteer who needs to take on-line course.  If you can’t locate your card, please call the office at 806-358-6500 and Stephen can give you your ID number.  Please take care of your training requirements now.  Remember that “Every Boy Deserves a Trained Leader”-are you a Trained Leader? 

On-Line Training Link 

Council Program Kickoff and School Night Orientation

This awesome and very important event is scheduled for August 14, 2010.  The location of this event is The Church at Quail Creek which is located just up the street from the Scout Office at 801 Tascosa Rd.  We will begin at registration at 9am and the kickoff will start at 9:30am.   All units should attend!.  This event will showcase our entire council calendar for 2010-2011 PLUS we will provide everything you need to have a succesful School Night once we begin our recruiting schedule.  All the information you need is at the link below.  You do need to RSVP so we know which units are represented and to ensure we have enough supplies and lunch items.  Please contact the office to RSVP at 806-358-6500.

Program Preview Information Flyer


Golden Spread Council Shooting Sports Wish List 

Cloth Sandbags for gun supports 

Shooting mats for prone shooting 

Riding lawnmower or Gas powered ATV to help move Clay Throwers 

Range Spotting Scopes 

Windmill for Sporting Clays Range 

Pop-up Canopies for range shade 

Handcart or Dolly to help move shells and clays 

A10- Gun Safe 

6- 32 Gallon plastic trash cans 

10 Metal Troughs 

Metal Shooting Station Signs 

Please contact Bob Altman 358-6500, if you wish to help, or have any questions regarding this list. 

Eighth Annual Sporting Clays Classic 

It is hard to believe but it is now time to start preparing for the Golden Spread Council’s Sporting Clays Classic tournament and auction.  This year’s tournament will be our Eighth Annual Sporting Clays Classic.  This year’s Classic will be held on Friday, August 20 and Saturday, August 21. Our tournament has grown from 24 teams in 2003, to this year’s projected 50 teams and over 200 shooters.  These teams will come from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado all in support of Scouting.  As you know, all proceeds from the tournament go towards supporting our local Boy Scout programs

With this many teams and shooters, we are in need of 150+ volunteers to help us run a fun and safe tournament. This letter is a request to you and to members of your troop or crew to consider volunteering some time to help us during this year’s Sporting Clays Tournament.  We respectfully ask that all volunteers be 13 years old or older (or be accompanied by an Adult) due to nature of this tournament.  

Volunteers are needed in lots of different areas and for various times. Volunteers will be needed on both Friday, August 20 and on Saturday, August 21.  As a volunteer, you can help on one or both days.  You can also specify to work mornings or afternoons or all day.  Every volunteer will receive a t-shirt as recognition for their time and help. 

Scout Leaders please share this information with your fellow leaders, Scout parents and with your troop and crew members. 

Please follow this link to our volunteer commitment sheet.  If you can help this year, please fill out the commitment sheet and return to the scout office as soon as possible. For more information please call Bob Altman at the Scout Service Center-358-6500.  

Volunteer Committment Sheet 

Cub Scouts 2010

Cub Scouts 2010 is a new delivery system for the Cub Scout program.  This is a proven method of delivering the existing Cub Scout program that is handbook-based and focuses on den activities leading to youth advancement and retention.  The change in delivery method focuses on den leaders, meeting plans, and training to conduct highly effective den and pack meetings.  Advancement occurs in the den as a natural part of the planned program.  For more information, please visit the link below.

Cub Scouts 2010


2010 Popcorn Sale Information 

Don’t miss out on this fall’s Trail’s End Popcorn Sale!  Register Your Unit Today!     

This fall’s sale is going to be bigger and better than ever. New products, prizes and incentives. Many packs and troops in thee Golden Spread Council use this as their only fund-raiser for the year. This is a fun, fast, paced sale that not only provides funds for your unit’s program but also supports the Scouting programs and camps that you use in the Golden Spread Council.  Sign up today and be prepared to offer your Scouts the greatest program possible.  This year’s sale will be bigger and better than ever!     

 Here’s how to register for this year’s sale.   

To be sure that you don’t miss any of the information about the 2010 Trail’s End Popcorn sale, now is the time to let us know your pack or troop wants to participate. 

 We need to know: your district; your unit number and whether you are a pack, troop, crew or post; the name of your unit Popcorn Kernel; along with their email address (required); street address and phone number (with area code). 

To sign up your unit to sale Popcorn this fall please click on the following link! 

Popcorn Sign-Up Form 

Two New Outdoor Leader Awards Unveiled

Two new awards have been developed to promote “outdoorism” for Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts.

The National Outdoor Challenge (No. 430-016) is a unit award that recognizes troops/teams that maintain or increase the amount of outdoor activity when compared to the previous year. The information and application is available here: and is due at the end of 2010. With the release of this award, the National Camping Award has been discontinued; however, patches for camping nights will be available until the inventory is depleted.

The National Outdoor Achievement Award (No. 430-509) recognizes Boy Scouts/Varsity Scouts that excel in outdoor participation. The award consists of five areas of emphasis (camping, aquatics, hiking, riding and adventure) with rigorous requirements to earn each segment. Scouts looking for an extra challenge can earn the National Medal for Outdoor Achievement. This challenging award requires earning at least three of the National Outdoor Achievement segments, planning and leading a trek, earning Wilderness First Aid and becoming a Leave No Trace Trainer as well as several other requirements. The information and application is available at the following link:

BeAScout Launched!

This new initiative was developed so a family can find a local Pack, Troop, Crew in their local neighborhood.  A person simply enters their address, city, state and zip code, hits the Go button and all units are displaced .  Give it a try yourself by following the link below!

BeAScout Link


Flag Retirement Ceremony 

A Flag Retirement Ceremony will be held at Lake Meredith Amphitheater on Ocotber 2 (CHANGED FROM AUG 28) @ 7pm.  On Saturday August 28, 2010 at 7pm, Borger Boy Scout Troops 560 and 507 will be holding a public flag retirement ceremony at Lake Meredith Amphitheater (adjacent to the Fritch Fortress camping area).  The ceremony is free and all are welcome to attend.  Any scouts wishing to help retire flags are welcome, please come about a half hour early for instructions. 

The ceremony will last about one hour, and we have about 200 flags left over from last year’s ceremony.  No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; The Flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.  The grommets that are left after retiring the flags will be saved as tokens of remembrance.  

If you have flags that you would like to have us retire, please arrange a drop off by calling James Farrer at 806-553-5859.  If you would like to have a flag retired in honor of someone who has served in the armed forces please contact James Farrer.  If you are a life scout and would like to organize the ceremony for your Eagle project, please contact James Farrer.   If you need further directions to Lake Meredith Amphitheater, please contact them at 806-857-3151 

Campmaster Training Now On-Line 

Are you interested in spending a weekend at Camp Don and staying in the new Campmaster Building?  If so, why not join the Campmaster Corps.  Duties including checking in units, making sure they are settled in their campsites, giving advice on how to properly use our equipment and facilities and checking them out upon departure.  This is a great opportunity to help units grow in the camping program and enjoy a weekend at camp.  The Campmaster building is ready for you to enjoy.  Central air and heat, full kitchen and bath plus two bedrooms and a living room await you!  Training is now on-line!.  Go to the link below, take the training and then call the Ranger to set up a date and time so he can show you where the utilities connections are at Camp and all the other things you need to know.  Once that is completed, we will add you to the list of Campmaster!  

Campmaster Training Link 

Merit Badge Counselor Registration 

If you are a current registered Merit Badge Counselor, you must recertify every year.  It’s a simple process but must be done now.  Please click on the link below, complete and print the forms and send it to the office.  If you wish to be a Merit Badge Counselor, you must complete an Adult Registration Form and the form linked below.  There is no charge to be a Counselor. 

Merit Badge Form 

Venturing Program Changes 

The National Executive Board recently approved a resolution to change the eligibility requirements for Venturing to ensure consistency among Venturing, high-adventure bases, and other core programs. 

The current age and grade eligibility requirement for participation in the Venturing program is 14 years of age and completion of the eighth grade. 

Effective May 1, 2010, the minimum age requirement will be changed to 14 years of age, or 13 years of age and completion of the eighth grade. The maximum age for participation remains under 21 years of age. 

In support of this change, attached is a list of frequently asked questions. This information is posted at

Order of the Arrow Summer Ordeal and other News

2010 Summer Ordeal At Camp Don

Mark your calendars: Aug. 27-29, 2010

Check-in is Aug. 27 at 7pm in the Dining Hall.

For more info go to

Beaver Tracks Newsletter

The newest edition of the Beaver Tracks is available at

 E-mail Listing

Please update your e-mail address with the lodge.   E-mail you e-mail address with you first/last name  to

Air Force Scout Football Day

The members of the Golden Spread Council are invited to the Air Force Academy’s 2010 Scout Day which will be held October 30th at the Air Force vs. Utah football game.  Tickets will be $10 for all Scouts and their families which includes a $5 concession voucher.  After the game, scouts and their families are invited to camp next to Falcon Stadium.  For more information, please contact Alex Yack, Intern Assistant for Marketing for Air Force Athletics at 1. 719.333.2122.

Inventing Merit Badge Now Available

The Inventing Merit Badge is now available to earn.  All the information you need is at the link below.

Inventing Merit Badge Information

Camp Don Harrington Use Policy Changes

Effective July 1, 2010, there was be some changes to the use policy for Camp Don.  Deposits will be required for the use of any facility/campground at a cost of $50.00 each.  Units may give us a check (that we will NOT cash) or use unit funds that we hold to cover this deposit.  We will not CASH the check nor debit your unit account as long as you leave the facility/campground in the condition that you found it in.  You must check in and out with the Campmaster/Ranger to ensure you both agree on the cleanliness of the area.  In addition, we have implemented a usage fee on some facilities to over the costs of incidentals.  The Shooting Ranges, Pool, Dining Hall, and Kitchen all now have a usage fees.  The ranges have actually had a fee for over a year now.  There is NO fee to camp at Camp Don- only if you use the facilities listed above.  The final change is who can actually use the camp.  We have determined that we have a huge liability if we allow outside groups to use camp for any reason other than a scouting event or activity.  There are exceptions however, to this part of the policy change.  If it’s in the best interest of the Council to allow a group access to Camp Don that decision can be made only by the Scout Executive, Assistant Scout Executive and/or Program Director and only after discussion by these three principals.

Memeroials and Tributes

In Memory  of   Jacob Albus   

From :   Bill Gething

                Tonja Stowers

                Ken Fields

                Brown Graham & Co

                John and Paulette Gentry

                Bob & Judy Thompson

Eagle Scouts

First Name Last Name City Troop District
D Benson Amarillo C-2087 GE
J Brandherm Guymon T-160 LW
Brockman Hereford T-50 GE
Brown Amarillo T-87 FE
C Cooksey Amarillo T-87 GE
K Corder Amarillo T-97 GE
Cutright Amarillo T-80 GE
Dugie Amarillo T- 87 GE
Z Fick Texhoma T-142 LW
D Floyd Guymon T-160 LW
A Gipson Amarillo T-86 GE
K Glover Amarillo T-94 GE
S Grigsby Amarillo T-94 GE
C Hall Amarillo T-79 GE
Hinckley Amarillo T-94 GE
House Hooker T-264 LW
J Johnston Amarillo T-124 GE
D Kelley Amarillo C-2087 GE
Law Amarillo T-87 GE
Q McElwain Amarillo T-79 GE
McElwain Amarillo T-79 GE
Moats Claude T-80 GE
D Myers Amarillo T- 87 GE
J Oliver Amarillo T-94 GE
C Pullen Amarillo T-98 GE
L Quintana Guymon T-142 LW
J Ray Canyon T-31 GE
Rodriguez Canyon T- 4 GE
J Shehan Canyon T-31 GE
Sirmon Amarillo T-86 GE
Standish Amarillo T-80 GE
Tillery Amarillo T-80 GE
Vernon Perryton T-256 LW
K Walsh Amarillo Crew 2087 GE

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