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Lone Wolf District Highlights- December 2009

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District Chairman- Duwane Skipper-

District Commissioner- Bob Post-

District Executive- Steve Knollenberg-

December Calendar:

1- Adult Leader meeting, Perryton, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Perryton, TX.

3- Adult Leader meeting, Dalhart, 7:00 p.m., Central UMC, Dalhart, TX.

4- Popcorn Money due at Council Service Center, Amarillo, TX.

8- Adult Leader meeting, Guymon, 7:00 p.m., Victory Memorial UMC, Guymon, OK.

10- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

15- Completed unit recharters due at Council Service Center

24- Council Service Center closes at Noon

25-27- Council Service Center Closed

30-31- Scout Shop closed for inventory

31- Council Service Center closes at Noon

January Calendar:

1- Council Service Center closed

2- Scout Shop closed

14- District Committee & Commissioners meeting, 7:00 p.m., FUMC, Spearman, TX.

23- Merit Badge University, Canyon, TX.

District Banquet Recap and 2009 District Award of Merit

The annual Lone Wolf District Banquet was held on Saturday, November 21, 2009.  Two of our district’s four 2009 Eagle Scouts, Lee T. and Chase V., were able to attend, and were recognized for their Scouting achievements.

Congratulations to Thomas House, who is the recipient of the Lone Wolf 2009 District Award of Merit!  Tom has served our youth in Scouting and other organizations, in various capacities around the country, for over 20 years!

A big ‘Thank you!’ to Carol and Richard Nowlin, Bob and Dottie Post, Vic and Joyce Shrock, Penny Knollenberg, Eva Mussman, and Elaine and Robert Hardman for doing a fantastic job of preparing our banquet dinner!  As always, the food was delicious!

Unit Recharters

Unit recharter time is upon us.  All of our unit charters expire on December 31, 2009.  We need to have the rechartering process completed by December 15, 2009.  This allows our Council staff adequate time to correct any errors, or help you with online procedural questions.  We are utilizing online rechartering again this year.  This is our fifth year to do a portion of the recharter via the Internet.  Remember, if your recharter paperwork is complete and has been received at the Council Service Center by December 15th, the Council will pay your $1 per person insurance fee!  Please see your recharter packet for details on this offer; some exclusions may apply, and your mileage may vary, based on your driving habits.

What does your unit need to be doing to get ready?

  • Complete any applications for any new Scouts, or leaders, and submit them, along with the required registration and Boy’s Life fees, to the Council Office, now.  This will save you from having to manually enter new members and leaders during online rechartering.
  • All applications for membership need to be complete: all birthdays, Social Security numbers and drivers license numbers filled in, all signature blocks signed (this includes unit Committee Chair and Chartered Organization Head or Representative’s approval signatures for all adults, and Authorization for Background Check) and application dates.
  • Recruit/designate one adult leader from your unit to complete the online recharter portion of the process.
  • Remember, rechartering is not complete until all paperwork and fees have been received by the Council Office!

Please note that the National Council has raised the membership fee to $15, from the current $10, effective January 1, 2010.  January 1st is the date our new charters become effective, so you will need to pay the new $15 per person fee when you recharter.  Recharter packets for your Unit will be distributed during the month of November.

2009 Centennial Quality Unit Awards

emember, your unit does not have to wait to submit your 2009 Centennial Quality Unit Award forms with your recharters!  Information about the Centennial Quality Unit Award program, and a link to the form, can be found at The application for the 2009 award can be forwarded to the Council Service Center anytime after October 31st, but must be received by December 31st, for consideration.

Popcorn Money Due

Unit Popcorn sales money is due at the Council Office before the close of business on Friday, December 4, 2009.  Please send one check, drawn on your unit’s account, to pay for the popcorn.

Council Silver Beaver Award Nominations

Now is the time to be thinking about which of our fellow volunteer Scouters to honor with this year’s Council Silver Beaver Award.  This honor is the highest award that our Council can bestow upon on our fellow Scouters, for service to youth.  Please take a moment and go here:  to review the qualifications for, and to download the appropriate nomination form.  Nominations for the Council Silver Beaver Award are due no later than December 15, 2009.

December Adult Leader Meetings

The upcoming December Adult Leader meetings are extremely important to you as leaders and critical to the health and success of your units.  Plan on turning in your completed Unit Recharters and your 2009 Centennial Quality Unit forms, or receive help in getting them completed.  Plan to attend; not only to learn about what’s going on in Scouting in our District, but to share your ideas and experiences so we can provide the best of the Scouting program to our kids!  Be the first person to call Steve at 580-651-2615 and say “Star Trek” and receive a prize!  The dates, times and locations of our meetings are listed in the calendar section, above.  Choose the location and date that is most convenient for you!

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