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Venturing District Highlights- September 2009

Posted in Venturing by goldenspread on Tuesday, September 1, 2009


District Executive:                Brad Drozell


Do you know what COPE is all about?  Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience or C.O.P.E. is the challenge course (ropes course) program of the Boy Scouts of America. COPE is a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges facilitated by trained staff directed at enhancing personal growth. If you think you would like to know more, please contact Brad Drozell at 358-6500 or

Committee Meetings
The committee meetings will be held quarterly for the venturing district.  Please contact Brad if you would like to be more involved in Venturing.

Scholarship Opportunities

If you have questions about such opportunities, please contact Brad Drozell (Venturing Division) at the Scout Service Center 358-6500.

Venture Crew Meetings
If you would like to be involved with more than one crew, attend one of these meetings to check out what all Venturing has to offer! Remember to bring a friend! Boys and girls are welcome, ages 14-20.
2009- Kwahadi Dancers- Contact Charles Ritchie for information, (806) 353-1505.
2012- Shooting Crew-Contact Bob Altman for more information, (806) 358-6500.
2072- Comanche Trail Church of Christ Youth Group-Contact Derek Chance for more information, (806) 457-8054.
2094-High Adventure Crew-Contact Jeff Popp for more information, (806) 356-6214.
2510- City Church Climbing Crew-Contact Chad Clement for more information, (806) 517-1379.***If you would like more information about your crew in the Venturing section of the newsletter: success stories, advancement progress, etc., contact Brad Drozell (806) 358-6500. 


Adult Leadership Training will be held on September 24, 2009 at 6 pm for those of you who need training.  The training will be held at the Scout Service Center.

AdVenture Weekend

AdVenture weekend is a campout (crews responsible for their own camping equipment) will be filled with shooting sports, zip-line, swimming, bonfire, canoeing, and much more!  This event will be held at Camp Don Harrington on Saturday, September 19th, 12 p.m. to Sunday, September 20th, 9 a.m.  If you would like more information about this event please contact Brad Drozell at the Scout Service Center (806) 358-6500.

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