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Council Highlights- May 2009

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Hazardous Weather Training

Effective Janaury 1, 2009, one leader who is going on a unit outing where a Tour Permit is required to be submitted ust have succefully completed the on-line Hazardous Weather Training.  The name of this person and the date they completed it will be required before the tour permit is approved.  The class takes about 30 minutes to complete.  Go to the link below to complete this course and any other on-line trainings available to you.

On-Line Training Link

New On-Line Training Available Now!

 The Boy Scouts of America is happy to announce that New Leader Essentials is now called “This is Scouting” and is available to complete on-line!  Click on the link below to take the course!

 On-Line Training Link

Ride of Silence Bike Trip

The   Ride of Silence will be held on  May 20, Wednesday, 6:30 PM at the Amarillo Art Museum, SW 22nd Ave & Van Buren St, northeast corner of Amarillo College’s Washington St campus.  Free slow paced ride of 7 miles at 10-12 mph with police escort service to honor Tasha Enloe and other cyclists who have been killed or injured by a motorist while riding their bicycle.  This is Free, open to the public, show up and ride.  There is no entry fee, no T-shirt and no talking!  Wear your helmet.  Wear a black armband (red if you have been injured by a motorist on your bike).

Cub Scout Camping for 2009 (Includes Day Camps and Resident Camps)

All the informational flyers and registration forms are available on the Council Web Site under the Camping Tab.  We are offering some great Cub Scout Camping opportunities this year and the Directors are excited to be able to present this years theme “Super Science Sleuths”. 

Camping Link

Boy Scout Summer Camp 2009

Believe it or not, it is time for your Troop to think about where they would like to attend Boy Scout Summer Camp next year…

With only two weeks of camp this year, space will be filled quickly.  We have some new and exciting programs for 2009.  Registration this year is accomplished on-line at:

Camp Registration Form

The Camp Leaders Guide is available on line at the link below.

Camp Leaders Guide Link

Also new in 2009, you will be able to pre-order your Camp MK Brown T-shirts though an on-line process.  The cost this year is $10.87 each however if you wait to buy them at Camp, the cost increases to $15.00 and they won’t have your Unit Number printed on them.  The deadline to order shirts is May 6, 2009.  To see a sample shirt, come by the Office and check it out- the boys will LOVE it!

Camp T-shirt Ordering Link

Camp Staff Application

We are looking for Summer Camp Staff!  If you are interested in earning some cash this summer, having a great time, and being part of a great Summer Staff, please get your application in now.  Time is running out to make the committment to work.  We are looking specifically for General Merit Badge Instructors, Polaris Director, and an Archery Direcotr (18 years old).   Click on the link beow and complete the application and send it to the Scout Office now!

Camp Staff Application Link

Shooting Sports Camp

Get ready- FIRE!  The 2nd Annual Shooting Sports Camp will be held on July 10-12, 2009 at Camp Don Harrington.  This event is open to all Boy Scouts and Ventures.  Cost is $95.00 for Scouts and $85.00 for adults if paid in fill on or before June 12.  After June 12, the cost goes up to $105.00 for Scouts and $95.00 for adults.  With the current cost of ammunition and other supplies, this is a GREAT deal for Scouts.  Look for the registration form on the Council Web Page within the next few weeks but put this date on your Troop/Crew Calandar as a MUST do activitiy!

Scouting National Hall of Leadership

Our communities are better places to live, work, and play because of leadership – expressed in extraordinary acts of service – by Scouts, Scouters, and Scouting volunteers over generations.

We want to gather these powerful stories and share the significant positive impact Scouting leadership has on the quality of life in the communities we serve. As part of the 100th Anniversary Celebration, the Boy Scouts has created the National Hall of Leadership.

The BSA 100th Anniversary National Hall of Leadership is not a hall or building in the traditional sense, like the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, but its purpose is just as significant. The National Hall of Leadership is an opportunity for anyone to recognize outstanding leadership by a Scout, registered leader or Scouting volunteer who made a significant difference in the life of another by the extraordinary service they have given and the Scouting virtues they have modeled. 

To be nominated for the National Hall of Leadership, the nominee must be a living Scout or Scouting volunteer who may/may not be officially registered with the BSA.

They also must have served as an active Scout or Scouting volunteer within Scouting for at least one year.  A nominee may be young or old-there is no age limit for nominees.

Nominations are submitted online in the form of a story that is 450 words or less, describing why the person is deserving of this one-time honor.  The nomination period opens on February 8, 2009, and closes on February 8, 2010, the 100th Anniversary of Scouting.  The final inductees to the National Hall of Leadership will total 303-one representing each BSA council and one selected by the National BSA Council-and will be announced at the BSA National Annual Meeting in Dallas in May 2010.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to participate in submitting nominations.  Forms and more information are avaialbe at the lonk below.

BSA Alumni Connect

We are looking for a few good BSA Alumni!  With the 100th Anniversary coming up in 2010, we are looking for past BSA members (adults and youth) Alumni to help provide memories for upcoming celebrations and history.  If you know of a Scouter who is no longer active or was a Scout as a youth, let them know that they can go to and reconnect with Scouting.

Aggieland Information for Scouts

We have a date for the Fall Aggie Eagle Program.  It will be held September 25-26, 2009.  It will include the Aggie football game scheduled for that weekend.  We are registering Scouts now at just click on the Aggie Eagle link.  We are also modifying the agenda to expand the activities of the Scouts that attend the AEP.  They enjoy the interaction with the Cadets.  Therefore, there will be more opportunities for them to meet more cadets.

Kwahadi Information

The Kwahadi Dancers will open Song of the Eagle on June 5.  We hope to see you this summer!   The Kwahadis will depart on July 19 for 17 performances in the United Kingdom and Ireland and will return home August 10.  Lodging for church and Scouting groups will be available at the Kwahadi Museum as usual during the Kwahadi summer show tour.  For meal, lodging, and/or ticket reservations call the Kwahadi museum gift shop at 806-335-3175.

Program Kickoff Information

The date of this very important event is August 8, 2009.  This is where we give you all the tools you need to effectively operate your unit- flyers, calandars, and many other items for you to begin your unit planning.  More to come on this event but put the date on your calandar now!

Sporting Clays Classic

It is hard to believe but it is now time to start preparing for the Golden Spread Council’s Sporting Clays Classic tournament and auction.  This year’s tournament will be our Seventh Annual Sporting Clays Classic.  This year’s Classic will be held on Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22. Our tournament has grown from 24 teams in 2003, to this year’s projected 50 teams and over 200 shooters.  These teams will come from Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado all in support of Scouting.  As you know, all proceeds from the tournament go towards supporting our local Boy Scout programs.

With this many teams and shooters, we are in need of 125+ volunteers to help us run a fun and safe tournament. This letter is a request to you and to members of your troop or crew to consider volunteering some time to help us during this year’s Sporting Clays Tournament.  We respectfully ask that all volunteers be 13 years old or older (or be accompanied by an Adult) due to nature of this tournament. 

Volunteers are needed in lots of different areas and for various times. Volunteers will be needed on both Friday, August 21 and on Saturday, August 22.  As a volunteer, you can help on one or both days.  You can also specify to work mornings or afternoons or all day.  Every volunteer will receive a t-shirt as recognition for their time and help.

Scout Leaders please share this information with your fellow leaders, Scout parents and with your troop and crew members.

If you can help this year, please call Bob Altman at the Scout Service Center-358-6500.

Memorials and Tributes

Memorials   to   From  
Steve Sterquell Snadon  Family Mark  Broombers
  Terry & Debbie McDonald R D & Debbie Barron
  Guy  Witt  & Family Jack  & Sandra  Waller 
  Mr. &  Mrs. Tim  Caldwell Paul  &  Mary  King
  Mr.  &  Mrs.  Dick  Khoury Lenny & Linda Sadler
  Donna  ST John  Scott Steve & Lorraine McCoy
  Mr. & Mrs.  Maurice  Schooler Stephen & Rebecca Vicars
  Mineral Wells  Apt Capital  Trust  Agency
  Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ware South West Contractors
  J. Malcolm Shelton IV Chad &  Dannielle Patterson
  James  Shelton I Laura & Eddy  Hankins
  John  Zimmerman Richard  &  Susan  Kibbey
  Tom &  Stella  Morris Randy &  Debbie Jeffers
  American  Trailer  &  Eqipment Curt Green
  Bob  & Doris  Sharp Ritter Construction
  Parish  Family John  &  Cindy  Dudley
  Micheal  Abdoo Jess  Ben Latham  III
  Mr. & Mrs. Larry  Stallings Beaumont  Boyce
  Billie Perkins Richard, Lloyd, Dean & Todd  Gower
  Barbara & H C  Howard  Neecee (Turner) Lane
  Mr. & Mrs. Ed Fancher Catherine Winsett
  Rhonda  Wehunt Mr &  Mrs  Pjillip  Niegos
  Billey &  Janey  Morgan David Lane 
  The   Staff Of the  Globe  News Robert  Burrett
  Center of  Performing  Arts Miles  Harris  Family
  D R Reid Stephen Sands
  Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sims Rick  &  Betty  Slaven
  Boxwell  Brothers Gary  & Lois  Patterson
  Joe  K  Howell Virginia & John Maynard
  Dow  Kee JPS Assiciates
  Lawrence &  Sharon Oeshger Amarillo Country  Club
  Charles & Polly Sorelle Michael Treva  Harris
  Lacy  &  Geoffry Wright Greg &  Jill  Flanagan
  Vickie  Schramdt Toot &  Totum
  E Gene  Gifford Dr. & Mrs.  John Kelleher
  Margie  Barnhart Joan &  Donald  Shield
  Margaret  &  Jerry  Hodge Laurel  Emmett
  Herb & Kerensa Vest Benny  Kirksey
  Shannon &  Michelle  Brown Boone  Pickens
  Phillips  Campbell Libby  &  Larry  Bunn
  Jane  Hader Royce  Stephanie James
  Boone Pickens  
Jo  Rogers Mr & Mrs Phillip  Niegos  
Palesteen  Getthing Dunn Benny  Kirksey  

Eagle Scouts    

K         Coffey       Amarillo    T-80        GE

C          Evans         Borger        T-507      AW

B          Freas          Amarillo    T-94        GE

J           Hunt         Amarillo     Team 79 GE

J           May          Amarillo     T-108      GE

R          Munger    Canyon        T-31        GE

M         Schley      Amarillo      T-86        GE

R          Welch      Amarillo      T-124      GE

C          Work       Canyon        T-127      GE

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